Drop in cracker sale helps cut decibel, noxious fumes

INDORE: Rising cost of firecrackers might have burned a hole in pocket of common man, but has given environmentalists a reason to feel happy about. According to data gathered from Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board (MPPCB) on Tuesday, air and sound pollution this Diwali registered a significant decline compared to that of the previous year.
A sweeper cleans a street littered with fire-cracker remains at Vishal Enclave in Delhi on Monday. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
The MPPCB attributes decline in pollution level on Diwali night to increasing awareness among masses about pollution and limited use and skyrocketing price of firecrackers. Air pollution in residential areas on Diwali night registered a decline of about 40% compared to last year and similarly, the noise pollution was down by about 20% this year.

MPPCB chief chemist Aparna Bapat said there is an increasing awareness among people about pollution. Statistics show people have used fewer firecrackers compared to the previous year and they expect that the trend would continue in coming year.

MPPCB scientist Atul Kothiye said the weather, too, has played its part in keeping a check on pollution level this year. He said last year Diwali was in the middle of November and, by that time, the winter had set in. This time, the weather was not as cold as compared to the last year. Elaborating, he said, during winter fog and humidity in the air cause problem in release of dust particle in the upper layer of atmosphere, triggering pollution and difficulty for human beings. This year, weather was clear and it might have helped the release of dust particles.

However, decline in bursting of crackers was a major reason for less pollution this year as is evident from noise pollution level. Noise level registered a drop in residential, commercial and semi-commercial areas and noise level has remained more or less the same across the city.

Pollution control board data statistics was based on recording of noise level at three different locations between 6 pm and midnight.

Mohit Sharma, a resident of Vijay Nagar, said untamed inflation left little money for firecrackers. Besides cost of firecrackers, registered a significant hike so they had bought limited firecrackers, which was quite less then previous year. “We see similar trend in our neighbourhood. People burst less firecrackers,” Sharma said.

SOURCE: Times Of India