DRUK DPF Introduction to Political Significance for the Dharmic Communities – 3


Dharma Sewa Purvapaksha (DSP) have prepared this document in preparation for the May 7th 2015 local & General Election. For the Dharmic communities, our key objectives for 2015 is to achieve Political Significance. This document sets out a way to achieve this. DSP sees this as a common sense consensus of common interests and community building exercise to bring our Dharmic community together for a common goal. DSP is not about bringing “unity”. If it happens, that will be a bonus. We hope you will be able to sign up to it as an organisation or as an Activist.


Attached is a Poster we are preparing – the front is in English as seen. The reverse will be in Gujarati, Hindi & Punjabi. It is planned to have it displayed at as many Dharmic Community centres, homes and businesses. Please drop us a line for your copies.


The second document sets out the background and what we as a community need to do. We are open to corrections, omissions or improvements to this document. Again we invite you to sign up to the Dharma Policy Foundation to enhance the capacity and capability of your organisation or you as an individual Activist. All financial contributions are voluntary.



Mukesh Naker

Managing Editor of Dharma Sewa Purvapaksha



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* Purva paksha, is a tradition in Dharma discourse. It involves building a deep familiarity with the opponent’s point of view before criticising it. The purva paksha approach was used by Adi Shankaracharya in his work to re-establish Sanatana Dharma in India.

In ancient Indian jurisprudence, purva paksha referred to the complaint, with other parts of a trial consisting of uttar (the reply), kriyaa (trial or investigation by the court), and nirnayaya (verdict or decision).

Political Significance presentation v3 >> Free download of “DRUK DPF Introduction to Political Significance for the Dharmic Communities – 3”

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