Editorial: Victory Of Good On Evil Marks Worldwide Hindu Society Diwali Celebrations



Dear WHN Readers,

World Hindu News wishes you, family and associates prosperity and happiness on this Diwali and Dusherra – The Hindu festival which signify the victory of good over evil. During this tenure, thousands of years ago Hindu’s saw return of Lord Rama back in the princely state of Ayodhya after crushing Ravana in Sri Lankan area. The battle was iconic, mammoth and involved good forces of heavenly bodies, supernatural spirits and blessings of mother goddess – Durga over powerful demonic forces of Ravana and his associates.

On this Diwali, we see Hindus celebrating and cherishing such victory in large numbers around the world. In India (Bharat) – the motherland of Hindu civilization we see Diwali celebrations in almost all cities and villages with ever increasing enthusiasm and markets decorated with colorful bright lights – a tradition where Hindus invite Goddess Laxmi (the Goddess of wealth) to visit and bless them. To witness the Delhi Ramleela news was a pleasure with advanced use of media – technology which makes it easier for younger generation to understand the Hindu epic and adopt learning lessons in their life cycle. In USA and Canada where we have approx. 3 million Hindus, Diwali is being celebrated in almost all major metropolitan areas with more counties and jurisdictions allowing fire crackers permit which forms the core of Diwali celebration and make it wholesome. In UK we see administration and Govt. officials participating in Diwali celebrations underlining ever increasing socio – political involvement of Hindus in European society.

Hindu temples across western hemisphere organize rituals and Pujas worshiping Goddess Laxmi – The Goddess of wealth, Ganesha – The Hindu god of well being and prosperity and other sacred deities. Similar colorful and holy gatherings worshiping Hindu gods and goddess, performing Yagnas, thanking friends and families, buying new items and sharing sweets projects the peaceful, lively, spiritual and respectful aspects of Hindus society alongside maintaining consistence in rituals and practice underlining Hindu civilization – world oldest civilization.

On these sacred days Hindu families join friends and relatives for joint singing of sacred hymns invoking sacred deities who bless them in return for their requests with good health, finance and success in their endeavors.  

Where good news on Hindus during this festive season keeps pouring in from across the world, disappointing news keep coming from Pakistan and Bangladesh where Hindus there continue to face human rights violations socially, economically and politically.

I reconcile talking in person with a Pakistani Hindu refugee in India, he was so joyous in India and said that it’s the very first time that their children and women are celebrating Diwali in complete scope – Puja, rituals, dressed up with news clothing and of course burst firecrackers etc. He further said that in many areas of Pakistan, if you burst firecrackers or put lights a top of your home, you invite Islamist wrath and they may kidnap your daughter or wife for that adventure. So the festival is celebrated in closed doors with low volume devotional songs, sweet sharing and thanking.  Bangladesh Hindus have more liberty than Pakistani Hindus where Islamist are more tolerant of Hindu festival celebration.

Pakistani and Bangladesh Islamist should recognize the fact that ethic cleaning of Hindus will not help them erase the followers of Sanatan Dharma whose spread is global in scope; perhaps you can visit our news website www.worldhindunews.com, analyze the scope yourself and decide.  The approach we suggest you is to regard, respect and support the Hindu population in your geographies. History has its say –Hindus are your best neighbors and a peaceful human race, spiritual in practice, non-violent in action, resourceful and helpful. Hope your government and systems give a deserved gift to Hindus this Diwali – Let Hindus live and practice Hinduism in peace.

Our special thanks to Hindus who support us financially in catering to global Hindu society news and media requirements. WHN wish our readers, sponsors and members & organization incorporating WHN eco system and worldwide Hindus a very happy and joyous Diwali festival season.

WHN will turn 01 on Nov 14, 2014 and we attribute that success to worldwide Hindu community.

Rahul Chandra

Rahul Chandra

Rahul Chandra is an Indian-American researcher, speaker and writer on global Hindu empowerment and brings more than a decade of experience in working for Hindu organizations at social, religious and political levels. He is a member of World Hindu News editorial board and a freelancer journalist. For more than a decade, he has been reporting, developing and publishing news & press releases for US and Indian Hindu organizations. More Bio..