Ekal Vidyalaya led event enable disabled artists to perform various dances

BELGAUM: For the first time in North Karnataka, differently abled artistes will be performing various dances including Bharatanatyam and martial arts on wheelchairs and crutches at KLS Gogte College ground on January 21. The event has been organised by Ekal Vidyalaya and the entry is free for the public.

“The team comprising of 14 physically challenged people called Ability Unlimited Foundation from Delhi will be performing various stunts on wheelchairs and crutches. There performance is also called as Miracle on wheels. All the dances are performed on wheelchairs and crutches. Witnessing an extraordinary live performance by the artistes of Ability Unlimited Foundation can indeed be breath-taking experience.

The artistes will be presenting flawless performances on sufi music, Bharatanatyam, yoga, martial arts, musical national anthem and even recitation of Bhagwad Gita and all of these on wheels” added Girish Pai, President of Ekal Vidyalaya.

“It is an experience beyond the ordinary spinning of the wheel chairs. This show has captivated thousands, running in packed houses across the globe. Miracle on wheels is unique package of performances. It transports the audience to a different place beyond the familiar world of entertainment. The differently able artiste’s brilliant, innovative and aesthetically crafted dance-theatre performances are motivating and entertaining”, pointed Girish.

The artistes will be displaying their talents for nearly two hours. The program will commence at 6.30pm. Nearly 6000 people are expected to witness the mind-blowing performances from the physically challenged artistes.

Source: Times Of India