Establishment of Hindu Rashtra is immediately possible if we follow teachings of Saints

H. H. Datta Maharaj Ruikar

Saints’ contribution to Hindu Dharma is quite significant. Right from ancient times till today, Saints have been guiding society. They have given us a system to lead our life. Need of Saints in our life is as important as need for salt in food. If we follow Saints’ guidance in daily life, establishment of Hindu Rashtra is not far. The above views were expressed by H. H. Datta Maharaj Ruikar, Managing Trustee of ‘Datta Mandir Devasthan’, Dharashiv, Maharashtra. He was speaking on the topic of ‘Contribution of Saints in establishment of Hindu Rashtra’ on the 5th day of third all-India Hindu Convention.

H. H. Ruikar Maharaj said, “Today, we have become homeless in our own country. This country belongs to Hindus but restrictions have been imposed only on Hindus. Hindus are being displaced at many places; but soon, we will create niche for us with complete honour. It is our country; this country belongs to Hindus and will remain as Hindus’. We will change certain systems of thinking and definitely establish Hindu Rashtra. Whenever Dharma is in danger, God incarnates for its protection. That time has come now. God first makes evil persons aware of their wrong doings; then He starts their destruction. Those, who will join the mission of protection of Dharma and surrender to Him; will be protected.”

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti