Establishment of Islamic Univ at Hindu Tirumala- Tirupati Devasthan is illegal and poses danger to life !

Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh) – Tirumala- Tirupati Deva-sthan is a place of pilgrimage, revered by billions of Hindus. Every year, at least 2 crores of devotees visit this place. It is the duty of the Government to preserve sanctity of this pilgrimage place, and provide security to the Devasthan and devotees.  Andhra Pradesh Government has passed different laws for this purpose; in terms of which, it is an offence for non-Hindus to pray or propagate their religion at this place. It is, therefore, felt that owing to recent happenings in the area of Tirupati Devsathan, the sanctity of this Devasthan and security has been endangered.

Incidents like naxalite attack on the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrabababu Naidu, attempts of conversion undertaken by Christian missionaries in the area of this Devasthan, Government’s ploy to restrict the area of Devasthan, originally spread over 7 hills, to 2 hills but which was foiled by people, arrest of terrorists from Puttur which is only 38 kilometers from Tirupati etc. (It was the plan of terrorists to carry explosives to Tirupati hidden in umbrellas) led to Tirumala- Tirupati Security Committee deciding for setting up of an inquiry committee to find out the truth behind establishment of Islamic University.    h

This security Committee comprised of former Judge of AP High Court, S Panavatha rao, as its Chairman, former Director General of Police of AP, Shri. T S Rao, as its Director and Dr. C. Umamaheshwar (Retired IAS Officer) as a member. The committee visited this place and interviewed many people besides verifying papers related to the University. After conducting inquiry into the matter, the following deductions have been made by the committee.

  1. The management of Islamic University had sought permission only for construction of ground floor plus one storey and Tirupai Urban Development Authority (TUDA) had granted permission for the same.
  2. Gram-Panchayat, in jurisdiction of which the building has been constructed, has not granted permission for the same.
  3. The concerned Tehsildar had granted permission for certain area of land for use (N.A).
  4. It has been observed that actual construction has been done on more area of land.
  5. In August 2012, TUDA and Gram-panchayat issued a letter to the management of this University pointing out that the construction was not done as per the approved plan and asking them to stop the work immediately; but that order was ignored.
  6. Tirupati Devasthan is an ancient temple and there is a reference about Sage Agasti building the same. Construction of Islamic University at such sacred place of Hindus has hurt their religious sentiments.
  7. While seeking permission, it was shown that a school for girls imparting education in Arabic was to be built here; but as construction of 7 storey was about to be finished, board of Heera International Islamic University was displayed here which is beyond understanding.
  8. The surrounding land has also been bought by this University and it is felt that buildings like mosques would also come up here.
  9. A security wall of 12 feet height has been constructed around this building when as per the rule, wall with only 2.5 meter height can be built here.
  10. River Swarnamukhi flows near this construction and many streams join this River; but the construction has created danger for the very existence of this river. The Central Government has granted permission to construct a bridge over this river; but it would not be possible now.

Recommendations made by this Committee

  1. Security agencies should check the possibility of danger posed by this construction to Tirupati Devasthan.
  2. Inquiry should be made into the source of financial aid for this construction.
  3. Income Tax Department should verify accounts of management of this University.
  4. Unauthorised construction of this building should be demolished.
  5. This construction should be taken over by Tirupati Devasthan or Padmavati Women’s University for proper utilisation.
  6. Pillars constructed on the banks of River Swarnamukhi should be immediately demolished.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat