European Foundry and Royal Palace Cefalà housing Hindu religious celebrations

“The city administration is making available its public spaces for the realization of two important events organized by various religious communities in Palermo – the mayor announced the  Leoluca Orlando  and the commissioner for Participation  Giusto Catania  – and this is a way to make it more welcoming and Intercultural our city. “

“This type of activity is part of the initiatives of intercultural dialogue between citizens of Palermo – says Adham Darawsha , president of the council of Culture – and this will help to make it more welcoming and stimulating life of the city.

The first initiative is organized by the Muslim community and will be held Monday, January 13th from 18.00 to 23.00, at the premises of the royal foundry (Foundry Square) and will be the commemoration of the Mawled Nabawy to Shareef (the birth of the prophet Muhammad). An important meeting which will see the participation of the Islamic community Palermo who will be engaged with holy prayers and readings. It is a moment of silence deeply felt by the Muslim community.

At the stables of Palazzo Cefalà (Sciara alley, corner of Via Alloro), however, is already underway preparations for the celebration of the Hindu religious Cavadee which will continue until January 19.

The highlight of the event will be January 17, 2014 on the occasion of Thaipoosam Cavadee, the feast of the Tamil community in honor of Murugan, the youngest son of Shiva. During the Cavadee the faithful carrying a big wooden bow in which are hung two pots for milk.

Along the way, the music accompanies them on a path of purification that brings them closer to Murugan. Arrived at the temple, saumboos deliver their milk to the priest who will pay on the statues of the deities. The ritual ends with a delicious vegetarian meal. In Palermo, the procession will move away from Cala January 17 (next to the Coast Guard) at 10:30. Continue along the road of the sea and then going to go down Corso Vittorio Emanuele and come to Palace Cefalà.

“The prayer meeting of the Muslim community and the festival of the Hindu community – say the Orlando Mayor and Alderman Catania – are a time of universal propitiation to the welfare and brotherhood among different religious beliefs and so we hope that there is a great participation of all the citizens of Palermo. “

Source: Il Moderatore