Fanatic Jihadis attack devout Hindu youth opposing ‘love jihad’ !

Pithampur (Madhya Pradesh) : A group of 15 to 20 fanatic Jihadis attacked Hindu youth, with sticks and swords, who were trying to save Hindu girls caught in the net of ‘love jihad’ in Pithampur area in Dhar district. Shri. Sukhdev Dhote, a pro-Hindu activist has been seriously injured in this attack. Two fanatics were arrested in this connection.

Few days ago, pro-Hindu activists had taught lesson to a Jihadi youth who had deceived a Hindu young woman and behaved wrongly with her under conspiracy of ‘love jihad’. Pro-Hindu activists tried to lodge a complaint with police against the Jihadi youth for his improper behavior. A local MLA of so-called pro-Hindu party, however, called the police station so as to pressurize police and saw to it that no complaint was registered . Thereafter, fanatic Jihadis started threatening pro-Hindu activists and on getting a chance, they attacked Hindus in the night of 22nd December. Fanatic Jihadis attacked Shri. Raviraj Shekhavat and Shri. Sachin Kavadkar; but both of them managed to save themselves from clutches of fanatics. Later, the fanatics beat Shri. Sukhdev Dhote, with iron rods. On lodging complaint about this attack with police station, Farukh Khan and Tabbu Khan were arrested.

Hindu should send names of such police to ‘Sanatan Prabhat’;
they will be asked to undertake rigorous spiritual practice in Hindu Rashtra by way of punishment !

Police try to protect fanatic attackers !

Pro-Hindu activists demanded that fanatic attackers should be booked under clause 307 of Indian Penal Code; but police refused their demand. In fact, police are even trying to avoid arresting other attackers; therefore, pro-Hindu activists have expressed displeasure. Local Hindus are enraged with increasing insolence of Jihadis and incidents of ‘love jihad’ happening continuously. (Hindus need to establish Hindu Rashtra to end insolence of fanatics and establish Hindu Rashtra by coming together ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Conspiracy of anti-Hindus to see that news about attack on pro-Hindu activists did not reach people !

A reporter of one local newspaper was asked to publish news about attack by fanatics over pro-Hindu activists, he refused to do so. Another reporter had agreed to show news about this attack over local TV channel; but electric supply was disconnected in Pithampur when this news was to be telecast.

Hindus unite to perform ‘aarti’ on every Saturday at Pithampur in local Hanuman Temple ! 

The local Hindus have started to perform ‘aarti’ in a temple on every Saturday with the help of local pro-Hindu activists, for the past one month. Also, the local Hindus have started performing acts as prescribed in Hindu laws at individual level.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti