Faulty voting machines transfers all votes to congress, EC ordered for change – Hindu Nationalist Party “BJP”

Pune: Faulty EVM transfers all votes to Congress

Voters arriving at Pune’s Shamrao Kalmadi School polling booth were surprised to see when an EVM reportedly ‘transferred’ all votes to the Congress.

The voters who reached early in the morning to cast their vote found that whichever button was pressed on the EVM, only the Congress light blinked.

Election officials stopped voting immediately after some of the alert voters brought this to light.

“The Election Commission authorities have ordered a new machine for this particular polling booth which is expected to come soon,” said local BJP activist Madhur Sahasrabuddhe.

The poll panel has also decided to permit around 28 voters who had already cast their votes with the defective EVM, to vote afresh.

Source: Niti Cenral