Florida Tornado couldn’t deter the spirit of Indian Americans in supporting GIBV hosted ‘Vote for India’ Narendra Modi as PM Program

Florida Tornado couldn’t deter the spirit of Indian Americans in supporting GIBV 

hosted ‘Vote for India’ Narendra Modi as PM Program







A day ago in Florida a high category Tornado followed by heavy rains impacted travel and life. GIBV – Global Indian for Bharat Vikas from Florida volunteers were in doubt whether invited people would be able to travel from western, eastern, southern Florida regions to Orlando, Florida (located in Central Florida). The doubt was shattered when senior most and prominent Indian community leader showed up for ‘VOTE FOR INDIA’ ‘CHAI PE CHARCHA’ program supporting Narendra Modi as Prime Minster of India. These spirited and brave heart community leaders are spearheading GIBV projects in Florida region and have associates and friends running in thousands.

GIRISH GANDHI (GIBV FLORIDA) spoke on GIBV history and mission. He said that GIBV (Global Indian for Bharat Vikas) – www.gibv.org, is an organization formed by Dr. Mahesh Mehta (prominent Hindu community leader in American region). The vision of GIBV is to support pro India, pro-development and patriotic leadership in India and provide a platform to millions of overseas Indians in contributing towards growth, prosperity and emergence of Bharat (India) via. establishment of pro India leadership in national assemblies. GIBV has been a forefront organization in US in awareness and involvement of overseas Indian in supporting Narendra Modi as Indian Prime Minister.

He said that today GIBV has volunteers from U.K., Japan, West Asia, Tunisia, USA, and Canada. Volunteers who register at GIBV portal are guided by state level GIBV coordinators who guide them for activities supporting Narendra Modi vision and projects like Unity Run, Google Hangouts, Calling and writing to Indian relatives etc.

With dedicated office in Ahemdabad, Gujarat, GIBV can help overseas Indians (who wish to visit India and educate people to vote for Narendra Modi) to get connected to political representatives from Indian states. Recent mega enrollment event at famed Oak Tree Road at NJ resulted in hundreds of volunteer registrations in dusk to dawn enlisting effort.

It was decided to have 2014 volunteers from all across USA to volunteer for GIBV, as per current data from GIBV HQ based out of Houston, Texas, GIBV has 1200+ volunteers across USA. Girish Gandhi said that Narendra Modi has vision and blue print of future in place and ready to deploy. The goal is to have a government that values Bharat resources, youth potential, jobs, security (internal and external) and defense development – i.e. agenda and requirement of Indians.

ABHINAV S. DWIVEDI (PRESIDENT OF HUA) emphasized on the point in reaching out to people involved in jobs such as Taxi, Rickshawallas, Cab drivers ( 2 -3 non-motor vehicles), Vegetable porters. He mentioned about an event Dr. Subramanium Swamy had a ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ on footpath in Gujarat and via. That event he reached 100,000 people in single day. He suggested that GIBV volunteers should also go to villages where maximum number of voters stay and needs to be guided. He mentioned an important point where pro –Indian business groups and media agencies can be integrated to involve millions of US based Indian Americans. For example GIBV should host interviews of people on TV Asia and run national ad campaign. He mentioned that most of majority goes for local issue and give vote based on local issue. Thus along with national issue, local level corporators, MLA’s, BJP and allied workers should provide resolutions to local issues to in agenda and manifesto.

Dr. DHANANJAY JOSHI (Faculty, HUA) updated audience on heavy pro Narendra Modi wave in India. He requested everybody to motivate people to go for voting. Many times people don’t vote assuming that what difference it’s going to make by their one single vote. But one single vote can change the destiny and has power to make impact. He said the workflow of the vote mobilization process should not only motivate individuals to vote but those motivated individuals should motive more to vote making it a chain reaction.

VIPUL PATEL (OFBJP – FLORIDA) updated audience on how thousands of workers from Congress Party has deserted barracks and are coming in large numbers with resources and skills to BJP. He gave an example where in Gujarat recently 20,000 Congress workers joined BJP in single day – many of whom are prominent persons from business, academia, social services etc. He said if Overseas Indians can make 15-20 calls from now and before elections, it would make a major impact.

He raised an interesting slogan: EVM = Every Vote for Modi

(in reality EVM means Electronic Voting Machine). He is also broadcasting GIBV and project messages via radio stations of Florida. Along with that he said if we can have 200K ‘Eye Black Strips’ – a removable sticker placed between eye and cheek shipped to India for BJP and allied workers, it would have an invigorating affect.

 Inline image 2

 Eye Black Strips

DHIRU JAIN (CEO OF OM TRAVELS) has decided to forward GIBV information to 1000 contacts in USA.

RAHUL CHANDRA ( GIBV TEXAS) updated audience on the efforts deployed by Texas based GIBV team under stewardship of Achalesh Amar,  Gitesh Desai , Sharad Amin and other GIBV volunteers. He informed about the recent two mega events in Houston organized and implemented by GIBV Texas team. One at India House Chai pe Charcha and other at Kite Flying event where thousands of Indians comes for Kite Flying. GIBV Houston team with its dedicated volunteers is enlisting thousands of volunteers for GIBV mission. Houston, Texas has more than 100,000 Indians and even if 10% are involved, it would be a major national impact. The GIBV Houston team is also managing the web application which supports GIBV portal. He updated all on how with the leadership of Kanchan Bannerjee – the national GIBV IT Web application IT board composing Majoj Rathi, Rahul Chandra and Sudhir Pandey has transformed GIBV portal and made it a user friendly, functionality filled application. The workflow of GIBV portal navigates a user to register, selects his voluntary options, enable users of connect to regional and local coordinators and track the process of calls / emails to their Indian relatives which they have identified.

BRAHAM RATTAN AGGARWAL (CHAIRMAN, PARK SQAURE HOMES) presided over the meeting and lauded GIBV efforts and offered his best wishes to all. He said focus, persistence and dedication are three key attributes that defines victory in an endeavor.  

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