Hindu Human Right Violation: 75 Year Old Hindu House Demolished By Muslim Goon In Kerala



We live in Ahmedabad Gujarat and have two properties in Kerala at Palakkad District

1, One 75 year old ancestral house with one cowshed and 8 cents land
2.  Another is 70 acre residential plot adjacent to a canal.

We visit our Kerala property once a tear in March/April/May. Recently, I landed at our property at Kerala and found that one Muslim timber merchant has illegally demolished part of our cowshed and sold the red bricks and red roof tiles to Hindus in the neighborhood. However, I confirmed that the person who demolished is a Muslim from Koduvayur by the name of Farooq. 
Please help and connect me to  Kerala based Hindu groups representative to call me on 08460578357 immediately.

Originally, my father and mother hail from Kollengode Village and Karripode Village in Kerala. My mother is the youngest of six brothers and the only daughter. My father migrated to Ahmedabad in Gujarat in 1944 and settled at Ahmedabad and is presently 84 years old. My mother is 75 and she too spent last 50 years in Gujarat. I am born and brought up in Gujarat alongwith my two sisters.

As in Kerala the property is bequeathed to daughters, after partition of the ancestral house (which is a heritage structure) and my grandmother’s real uncle was Swami Tapovan (Swami Chinmayanandaji’s Guruji). Swami Tapovanji was very attached to our grandmother and has visited and stayed at our ancestral house.  Hence it was not only a heritage house but had great spiritual value, as Swami Tapovan had visited and meditated here. 
In 1995, under the indluence of Muslim traders, two of my uncles sold off the property  by forcing my mother emotionally claiming that they had no house to live.

The huge ancestral hose with 0.3 acres of land was partitioned by my uncles and cousins who were atheists as follows. All ancestral land ( more than 10 acres) was sold in 1995 to a communist atheist real estate agent Narayanan for Rs. 5,00,000 (5 lakhs).  My mother received 5 shares (one for herself, three for myself and my two sisters and one for my eldest uncle Ponnukuttan who was a bachelor and spiritually inclined, who wrote a legal will donating his share to my mother as he was ill treated by his brother Radhakrishnan) . So my mother received only Rs. 2, 50,000/- for sale of the agricultural land (running into acres). Asw my mother used to visit Kerala once a year for 30 days all her cousins who are atheists and communists , emotionally blackmailed her into signing the partition deed.

3 However, in the partition our ancestral house was donated by my mother  to my uncle Radhakrishnan (who was ahabitual drunkard) as he had no house to stay with his wife and four children (names Chandran, Kundu, Chandrika and Srinath).  Our ancestral hose had one 75 year old tamarind tree, one 30 year old tamarind tree, three 70 year old coconut trees, one 70 year old konnapoovu tree, one 30 year old mango tree and one 40 year old jackfruit tree (planted by me when I was 7 years old)  which were planted by my grandmother and spiritual uncle Ponnukuttanji.  All trees in the compound were planted by my grand-mother or spiritually inclined uncle Ponnukuttanji who went to Sabarimala pilgrimage 18 times.

In 1995, all my mothers cousins (1. Srimathy 2. Ayyapan 2. Rajan(all three hardcore communists and atheists) ganged up with my uncle Radhakrishnan and local communist party land broker Narayanan bribed the local Village Officer and divided the ancestral land which was 0.3 acres as follows



1. 0.22 acres  with the 70 year old ancestral house with 10 rooms and a cow-shed to my athiest communist uncle Radhakrishnan with three large plots of rice fields near the house
2. 0.08 acres land with a 4 room house constructed by my mother by sending money to my spiritual uncle Ponnukuttanji to my mother Soubhagyavathi with a external toilet (on their land) and a well (on our land)  and a cow-shed.

My God fearing mother signed the partition deed as she was tricked by the local village officers who showed her the measurements which looked halaf and half. But at the registry office they registered it 0.08 to us and 0.22 to them.  Also my mother gave a loan of Rs. 50,000 to pay off his debts to the local moneylenders where he had run up huge debts owing to his addiction to liquor and toddy. All my cousins and the witnesses verbally agreed that when the ancestral house would be sold, the Rs. 50,000 with interest starting from 1st June’2014
would be repayed by my uncle or his descendants. She received 5 lakhs in cash out of which she paid Rs. 50,000 to pay off my uncles debts and balance Rs. 2 lakh was paid to the wives of her other brothers who each had one share in the ancestral property. The property tax and registration expenses were also borne by my mother. In the end out of 10 acres of property and a huge teakwood house, my mother got a pittance amount of Rs. 2 lakhs ( for 5 shares or 50% of the 10 acres and house). In effect, my mother’s cousins  made my mother donate the
house and 0.22 acres to my unemployed uncle and his children.

My uncle soon passed away due to liver cirrhosis due to his excessive drinking and his children went to Dubai to work as labourers. However, in 2014 all my mothers cousins alongwith my cousins clandestinely sold the house for an undisclosed amount  to a Muslim (his name is Farooq and he is a timber merchant from Koduvayur) without informing us.

When we visited our ancestral house in March 2013, we were in for a shock, as the Muslim had demolished the teak-wood house and sold off all the roof tiles, wood and bricks to Muslims and Hindus who were constructing houses. My mothers communist cousins acted as brokers and got a hefty kickbacks from the Muslim. However, in the demolition, the Muslim with full connivance of my mother’s cousins Sripathi, Ayyapan and Rajan illegally demolished the cowshed (which is in our portion of the 0.08 acres) and sold off the roof-tiles and bricks to a Muslim Cable operator and Hindus. He also demolished our toilet (on our cousins lands). They also cut all large trees in their 0.22 acres and sold it to the Muslim running into lakhs
of rupees.  However, though the land price has appreciated 10 times since 1995, my cousins alongwith my uncles refused to pay the Rs. 50,000 loan taken by their father (which has increased to Rs. 5 lakhs today alongwith interest). They also locked the front gate of our house and gave the key to the Muslim  denying us entry to the house.

After this demolition, my cousins absconded to Dubai, and on our arrival, we found ourselves to be locked out so we filed an complaint in the local police station. As soon as we filed a complaint , my uncles went to the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) and bribed the assistant engineer and got our electricity line disconnected.  I lived on the premises without electricity and toilet for one month and had to charge my mobile and laptop at a friendly neighbour living 500 metres away. I was also forced to use his toilet. The Kerala Government has not initiated any action against my uncles and the Muslim for illegal disconnection of my electricity, though it is one year since the incident.

I have now returned in March 2014 and have found that my cousins have clandestinely sold the land to the Muslim and my communist uncles who are threatening to physically harm me if I continue to stay in my ancestral house.  By threat of legal action againt KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board), I have managed to get my electric connection but my uncles are again threatening me that they will again get it disconnected. A few days back a gang of thugs of my uncles threatened me on behalf of the Muslim that I should sell off the land and house
to them or they will break my legs. I filed another complaint against my uncles at the local police station but there is no action as yet.  In the meantime, I have discovered that my other neigbouyr and distant cousin Anil Kumar (Mobile number: +919446417066) has constructed an illegal wired fence in 0.3 acres of our property by bribing the Village Office  and he is
planning to sell this property to the same Muslim, as we stay at Ahmedabad and visit Kerala once a year. Please publish this Muslim supporters mobile number in my article and ask all your readers to take suitable action.

My complete address and contact details are as follows:

At Ahmedabad

Murli Menon
E/503, Borsali Apt; Ahmedabad-380001   Phone: 079-25600269    Mobile: 09327046793

At Kerala

Murli Menon
Anthure House, Karripode via Pudunagaram, Palakkad District, Kerala Mobile: 08460578357

Mr. Murli Menon is author of three books on spirituality and Gayatri Mantra and is a devout Hindu. He also has a travel column in South Asian Times, New York

Source: Murli Menon via. WHN Publisher Mail