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Recently, while reading several reports on the fraud involved in the Nalanda University reestablishment, I came across several media reports which referred to the destruction of the university some 800 years back. What surprised me that most media houses tried their best to distort the fact. The destruction of the ancient Nalanda was truly barbaric and brutal—it must be remembered that this was a premier, world-class educational institution, which was literally burnt and razed to the ground along with its resources, faculty and students.

Some of those who wrote these media pieces claimed it was the Turkish invaders, and some said it was the Afghan invaders (Amartya Sen himself) but the basic point remained the same: every possible effort was put to somehow not name the barbarian who destroyed it. However, it is not very difficult to know the name of the vandal because we have complete and accurate primary sources of the medieval era that describe this destruction.

People who have been to Patna or nearby places would certainly have heard the name of Bakhtiyarpur, a prominent place between Patna and Nalanda. It is  unfortunate for our secularists-historians that the town is named after the dreaded and barbaric Islamic looter and mass murderer named Mohammad Bakhtiar Khilji, the general of Qutbuddin Aibak. It was his nearly singlehanded effort that uprooted Buddhism in Northern India. In the year 1197, Bhakhtiar Khilji set ablaze and destroyed the Nalanda university—its nearly comparable rival was the one at Luxor in Egypt.


What I found openly glaring in this entire hide and seek business is the same old venal reason: telling the historical truth of Muslim atrocities in the medieval era will hurt today’s Muslims in India. This fact needs to be told, specially, in the context of recent developments around the world not the least being the alarming emergence of the ISIS.

Muslims destroying a university may come as a shock to many liberal professors today, for it flies in the face of the multiculturalism they profess, and our media worthies mug it up and apply it in every context whether it fits in or no. It is too incredible to imagine multiculturalists supporting the very culture that’s sworn to destroy them. Unlike 800 years ago, students today don’t have to worry about a community destroying our universities, at least for now. There is another logic at work. These universities are destroying themselves by allowing the ideology of multiculturalism over the values of patriotism.

I recall a question posted in a recent blog: “When is the sexual abuse of children culturally, socially and politically acceptable ??”

Here is the clear answer. “When it is committed with industrial efficiency by Bangladeshi Muslims in Midnapur (West Bengal), innocent minorities in Ajamgarh/Moradabad(U.P.), by Muslim League rapists of Mallapuram in Kerala or by organized gangs of mainly Pakistani men in English Northern towns like Burnley, Oldham and Rothrham.”

But obviously you’re not allowed to admit this or you might sound racist or a hate monger.

I understand that if I give examples of West Bengal, U.P. or Kerala, most readers will have doubts about the authenticity of the cases both reported as well as unreported, which is continuing on epic levels as we shall see. But for the more liberal readers, let me take them to their native place, United Kingdom, the den of liberals of every hue.

For example, in a recent BBC Report on the fact that at least 1400 children were subjected to “appalling” sexual abuse in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, you have to wade 20 paragraphs in before you finally discover the ethnic identity of the perpetrators. And even then, the embarrassing fact slips out only with the most blushing mealy-mouthedness: by far, the majority of perpetrators of the abuse were described as “Asian” by victims.

That’s when my tolerance for nonsense ends, and should yours too. It does no service to any cause or ideal to not name and shame the perpetrators as X or Y or Z were Pakistani Muslims, especially when their very names are dead giveaways: Zafran Ramzan, Razwan Razaq, Umar Razaq, Adil Hussain or Mohsin Khan.


Remember, we’re talking about flagrant sexual abuse on an epic scale. It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that these child-victims suffered. Girls as young as 11 were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated. There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they revealed their ordeal.

Over the first twelve years covered by this inquiry, the collective failures of the political and administrative leadership were blatant. From the beginning, there was growing evidence that child sexual exploitation was a serious problem in Rotherham. Stark evidence came in 2003 and 2006 with reports known to the Police and the Council, which could not have been clearer in their description of the situation in Rotherham. The first of these reports was effectively suppressed because some senior officers disbelieved the data it contained. This had led to suggestions of cover-up. The other two reports set out the links between child sexual exploitation and drugs, guns and criminality in the Borough. These reports were ignored and no action was taken to deal with the issues that were identified in them. The local authorities, in other words, knew exactly what was going on. Still, they did nothing. Why?

Actually, we’ve already answered that pretty much. It’s because the kind of politically correct, left-leaning liberals and other travelers, that local authorities like Rotherham Council are so paralyzed by modern fashionable concerns about cultural sensitivity, that they have made an obscene Judgment: better to allow at least 1400 kids to be hideously abused than to be guilty of the far greater crimes of being thought of as a racist or accidentally offending someone.

Let’s come back to the socialist secular country of India. The latest curse visited upon our country started in 1976, when the preamble of the Constitution of India changed from being a “sovereign democratic republic” to “sovereign socialist secular democratic republic”.

A few decades ago, there were frequent stories of Arab Sheikhs coming to Hyderabad or Bombay and “shopping” for young underage brides. The poor parents were happy to see their daughters married to a wealthy Sheikh only to learn later that their girls ended up as slaves. Yet, when a phenomenon called ‘Love Jihad’ came to light, our media folks as usual, denied its existence. In fact, they seem to have reluctantly acknowledged it only now after much uproar and when they could no longer ignore it.


Which brings us to examine some recent brutal cases from three major states, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala. The question naturally arises: ‘why only these three states and not others?’ The simple reason: in other states rapes are not happening at an industrial efficiency like in these states.

West Bengal: Three teenaged Hindu girls were raped by Muslim goons on 12 July at Middepara Lichutala under the Santipur police station limits in Nadia district. All these three girls are residents of Baliadanga village of Nadia district and they are students of Haripur High School. On 12 July, they were returning from school. Some Muslim girls too were with them. The route goes through a Muslim dominated locality called Middepara, where a Muslim religious fair known as Ghazir Mela was going on. At 11.30 A.M, when they were passing through Middepara, about 400 Muslim youths chased and surrounded the hapless Hindu girls. The Muslim girls fled. The Muslim boys snatched the scarves (dupatta) of the Hindu girls and poured liquor on their whole body. The girls were terrified and unable to resist. The girls were molested, raped and brutally tortured in broad daylight. Nobody came in their rescue as the area is a Muslim area. (Report Link)

An 18-year-old girl who was allegedly abducted from West Bengal on August 17 was found dead in a hotel room in central Delhi on Saturday. Police are tightlipped on the details of the case but sources said the girl, identified as Rinku Saha, had checked into the hotel under the name Salma along with a man named Qasim on August 25. Qasim, who is 41-years-old is missing. Rinku’s family suspects that Qasim converted her to Islam as he took her to Ajmer Sharif before coming to Delhi. They also allege that he killed her. However, as the body was found hanging from the ceiling, police are waiting for the postmortem report to find out if she was murdered. (Report Link)

These are only a couple of examples. A fuller list can be found here: One , Two.

Irony died several deaths when two of the MPs of Trinamul congress were caught on camera saying, “if Communists are not falling in line, I will send my boys to kill them, and rape their sisters and daughters, and rape them.” Media has remained silent as usual.

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Uttar Pradesh: Excessive violence and crimes by Muslims in UP has increased only after the SP came to power in March 2012. In the latest round, a lady Hindu teacher was forcibly converted and gang-raped of by Muslims inside a Madrasa in a village near Meerut. Meerut has a recent history of Muslim highhandedness—rapes, forcible conversion, mayhem, communal riots and so on. Meerut superintendent of police (rural) MM Beg confirmed the arrest of three of the four accused named in the complaint. The complaint confirms the names of Maulana Sanaullah of the madrasa and her wife, the village headman Nabab Khan and daughter Sana alias Nisrat as prime accused. (Report Link)

Last year’s communal flashpoint Muzaffarnagar, was a unique case. A girl was teased and then molested by some youths. When the girl complained about this to her brother, he went back to the site to protest this and beat up the two perpetrators whose ethnicity he didn’t know. By the time he left the place, a crowd of Muslims had returned to wreak vengeance. What followed led to large scale communal rioting by the Muslims. The entire administrative machinery of UP was busy hiding the truth of these riots. (See IndiaFacts series on the truth of the Muzaffarnagar riots.) Hundreds of people died, thousands migrated, just for one reason: the perpetrators being Muslims, were not booked at the first go.


The phenomenon of Love Jihad (LJ) largely involves luring Hindu or non-Muslim girls by Muslim males into love, marriage and forced conversions. Sometimes this activity ends in a tragedy as well. Members of the BJP in UP raised the issue of LJ over incidents in Meerut and other towns in the state. The media in the name of balanced journalism were all up in arms as usual. They screamed “polarisation”, communal intimidation and dismissed the concept of LJ as wild imagination. Denial all over again. And all of this without the slightest reference to history or any investigation whatsoever.

Kerala: This organized crime against non-Muslim girls in the state of Kerala started first before any other state. As per available information from Government records and observations (not media reports), the plan was to ‘trap’ upper caste Hindu and Christian girls from well-to-do families. Here is an article that specifically talks about LJ and the statement by Chandy is in the Kerala Assembly, not in some TV studio. Needless, a statement in an Assembly is a formal recognition of an issue or problem.

Long before Chandy, the High Court of Kerala had also formally recognized the problem of Love Jihad in 2009,  and asked the government to consider enacting a law to prohibit such ‘deceptive’ acts: “under the pretext of love, there cannot be any compulsive, deceptive conversion,” the court said.

If you look at the style of these practices, it is alarming. The idea here is not to blame one community. Rather, the concern is that the media and the learned liberal academics and intelligentsia keep denying the fact. It hardly matters to them who is a criminal and who is a victim. Their own survival is at stake and they are in a Jihad of denial themselves. When the late M.F. Hussain paints nude pictures of Hindu Gods, he is using his freedom of expression which we should admire but when others use their freedom of expression they should be aware of the “consequences”.  Recently, an advisory was sent to all the mosques to condemn the rapes to infuse social harmony. Not surprisingly, 80 percent of them refused it immediately.

Now when I see the liberal jamaat in the TV studios ranting against a certain Yogi Adityanath, it compels me to believe that he is doing something obviously right. Every time he counters a point with logic, the liberal mafia would start throwing names like Gandhi, Buddha etc.


I urge those who call themselves moderate Muslims to have the courage and understand that merely opposing ISIS is not enough and looks fake. If they are truly moderate Muslims, they need to oppose the idea of a religious state of any kind, oppose apostasy/blasphemy laws, oppose legally entrenched inequality, and extend support to secular, liberal democracy, support freedom of speech, thought and belief, support the rule of one law for all and support universal human rights.

It is time, we threw the political correctness in the garbage bin, where it actually belongs and call a spade a spade.

Source: India Facts