Ganesha Procession Supporters Honored for Their Commitment

The dedicated sponsors, devotees and members of various organisations who were honoured with a certificate of appreciation at the awards.

SOUTH AFRICA, August 21, 2018 (Rising Sun Overport): The Lord Ganesha Float Procession held its annual awards and launch at the Shri Mariammen Temple in Mount Edgecombe on Friday. The organization awarded various devotees and sponsors for their dedication to the Ganesha festival over the years. This year marks the 12th procession for Lord Ganesha. Devotees and organisations who volunteered and participated for the past 10 years were awarded with a certificates of appreciation. The sponsors received the Lord Ganesha award which was comprised of a certificate, the Ganesha award murthi and a Ganesha shawl. The new participating temples also received a certificate for their participation.

The invocation of the three Ganesha murthis which will go on a pilgrimage to 27 temples will be held at the Durban Hindu Temple, in Somtseu Road, on August 30, at 6pm. Devotees are invited to attend. The Lord Ganesha Float Procession will held for the first time at night. This will allow the floats to brighten up their floats with lights. The procession will start and finish at the Durban Hindu Temple in Somtseu Road in Durban. Devotees are invited to come with some sort of light or lamps to carry on the parade. The Lord Ganesha Float Procession Festival will take place on September 8 and 9.

Source: HinduismToday