Generosity shown by Hindus should not be mistaken for their weakness : Puri Shankaracharya

swami-nischalananda-saraswa_30_06_2014New Delhi : Although Vedic Sanatan Dharma teaches to show mercy to all beings, our generosity should not be misconstrued as our weakness and nobody should try to create problems in our ideals and for our existence. The above statement, full of ‘Kshatra-tej’ was made by His Holiness Puripeethadhishwar Anantashrivibhushit Srimatjagatguru Shankaracharya Pujyapad Swami Shri. Nishchalanand Saraswatiji Maharaj. He was speaking on a topic of ‘Concept of Sanatan Dharma and possibility of India becoming ‘Vishwaguru’ in future’, in a program held here.

Valuable views expressed by Srimatjagatguru Shankaracharya

Despite being in majority, Constitution does not say anything about welfare of Hindus !

There is only one country in the whole world that is India where there is no mention of Sanatan Vedic Dharma. Constitution of every country is written in such manner that majority population in that country is taken care of; but our Constitution has not made any such provision for welfare of Hindus who are majority in this country.

In India where Hindus are in majority, more rights are given to minority !

After partition, rights given to Hindus are even less than the rights given to minority; therefore, Hindus are leading life of dereliction. Will species of swan be protected here when existence of even vultures is not safe ?  

Today’s progress is detrimental to environment !

Today, India is running after development like other countries; but what is exactly meant by development ? There are millions of people who do not get enough food every day and there are few people who have amassed billions; is this to be considered as development ? What we call as development, has been causing huge harm to our ecology. Many species of flora and fauna are on the verge of extinction. After few years, human beings will become dangerous for each other.

Present education system glorifies western culture !

A seeker should not have an attitude of indifference towards government elected to rule this country; because a Government affects life of every person. The present education system and style of living lacks moral values and spirituality; so instead of protecting Sanatan culture, they glorify western culture.

You are born as human; so fulfill its goal !

If one achieves self-realization which is the form of God before death, it can be said that such person has fulfilled goal of his life. Very few people know the importance of human life; as such, importance of its fulfillment is also not known. Be in satsang and have ‘sattvik’ food habits to inculcate good qualities because our food habits have effect on our living style. The atmosphere, in which we live, also has effect on our mind and leads to increase or decrease in the ‘Sattva’, ‘Raja’ and ‘Tama’ components in us; therefore, ‘sattvik’ food habits and satsangs are important as they make a person ‘Sattvik’.

Sanatan Sasntha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti felicitate Srimatjagatguru Shankracharya Pujyapad Swami Shri. Nishchalanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Pujya Dr. Charudatta Pingale, the national Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) took ‘darshan’ and felicitated Srimatjagatguru Shankracharya Pujyapad Swami Shri.Nishchalanand Saraswatiji Maharaj, on behalf of Sanatan Sanstha and HJS. Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers Shri. Sanjeevkumar and Sou. Malakumar along with other seekers from Delhi were present on the occasion.

Srimatjagatguru Shankracharya Pujyapad Swami Shri. Nishchalanand Saraswatiji Maharaj’s affection for Sanatan Sanstha and HJS !

There was a long queue for ‘darshan’ of Shankracharya Swami Shri. NishchalanandSaraswatiji Maharaj and Sanatan seekers and HJS activists were also standing in the queue. He, however, called them through his devotees and gave ‘prasad’ to all. He also told Pujya Dr. Charudatta Pingale to share the dais with him and accordingly, Pu. Dr. Pingale sat on the stage.  

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat