Ghar Wapsi: Five families re-convert to Hinduism

Alappuzha: As part of the ‘Ghar Wapsi’ initiative of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), members of five families re-converted to Hinduism at Varanappally near Kayamkulam town in this district Sunday.

A total of 27 persons were re-converted at the ceremony held at a private temple at Keezhavur near Varnapally.

According to VHP functionaries, the forefathers of these persons had converted to Christianity a few generations back and now they had returned to their original faith of their own will.

“These families had become Christians a few generations back. They wanted to come back to the Hindu Dharma, the faith of their forebears. It was on their request that we arranged the ceremony to welcome them back to the dharma,” VHP district president Prathap G Padikkal said.

On two occasions since last month, members of eight families, mostly of Dalit background, had re-converted to Hinduism in the area, VHP sources said.

Source: Madhyamam