[GHHF] SaveTemples Sanatana Dharma Awards conferred on 12 Hindu Activists

unnamedSaveTemples Sanatana Dharma Awards
were conferred on 12 Hindu Activists
on January 9, 2014 in Hyderabad

They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive.” Swami Vivekananda

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) was started with a mission to preserve, practice, promote and protect Hindu Temples and Hindu culture. Hindu Temples are the backbone of our culture, halls of learning, centers to promote art and dances, sacred places for conducting rituals, centers for organizing seminars on various scriptures, hub for conducting Bhajans and kirtans, central location for many social activities, places for providing Annadana, shelter for cows, and schools for teaching basic values and ethics of Hinduism. It is hard to imagine any village or neighborhood without having a Temples for devotees to go and have darshan of the Deities. Frequent visits to the Temples instill a set of values that shape them for the rest of their lives. Also they will help create much needed unity, and integration in the religious communities. It is through various activities that the Temples can impart many values to shape the personalities, create discipline, equip the devotees with appreciation and identity, and help appreciate the richness of their cultural heritage. These Temples also help prevent moral bankruptcy, ethical vacuum, and value insignificance. The Temples are the places where one gets connected to the hoary past, present and future; thereby providing belongingness.

With this background, GHHF decide to organize an Award function to recognize the stalwarts who have contributed to the promotion and preservation of Hindu Temples and culture. These are the people who have devoted valuable time, money and energy to continue the age-old traditions, which are central to Hindu Temples and culture. We express our deep appreciation for their tireless efforts to preserve and enrich our culture. Following stalwarts are recognized at Savetemples Sanatana Dharma Award Function held on Januray 9, 2014 at Thyagaraja Gnana Sabha Hall in Hyderabad

Chief Guest High Court Justice Honorable B. Chandra Kumar spoke about the preservation and importance of dharma. At present the dharmic values are eroding the very fabric of the society. Self realized person is Atma gnani. People like that should take the responsibility of managing the Temples. It is through these people society can be revived and ethics can be revitalized. Dr. Prakasarao Velagapudi, President of GHHF, spoke about the mission of the organization and the need to get united if the Hinduism has to survive the onslaught from within and without. Dr. Ghazal Srinivas, Brand Ambassador of GHHF, spoke about the need to protect the most ancient Temples that were blessed by the ancient rishis. Efforts need to be directed to renovate them to reminisce about the history of the Temples. Also Sri Hutch Kumar, Sri Medikonda Srinivasa Chowdary, Sri Datla Ramachandra Raju and others also spoke at the Awards ceremony.

Briefing of Awardees at SaveTemples Awards function

Sri Rebala Mohan Rao, Looking after the Garudachalam Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Krishna District.  His approach towards “Seva” at temple as well as his continued support of the Temple activities is highly appreciated.

Sri Y K Nageswara Rao, He is a renowned Stage Artist and dedicated his life to give life to “Stage Dramas”. He recently completed 100 times dramatic play of Swami Vivekananda History Play.

Sri Surya Narayana Raju, He is continuously doing Annadanam for unlimited number of devotees without taking a paisa at Siva Sannidhi at Arunachala, Tiruvanmalai.

Smt. Vanaja Udhay, She is a renowned Classical Dancer and now she is serving as Convener of Department of Culture, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

Lion Smt. D. Karuna Sri, She is serving to the poor people and actively participating on activities of eye donation program and giving awareness of importance of eye and blood.

Dr. Pranav Pandya, Editor, Ugasakthi Gayathri Magazine. He is organizing a devotional magazine and providing lot of information to the devotees/people regarding different aspects of Hinduism and culture.

Sri P V Sai Baba, He is one of the renowned Music Director and Classical Singer. He has produced many devotional albums. His approach towards our culture and classical music is highly appreciable.

Sri Umesh Gupta, Aditya Music – He supported Aalayavani web radio a lot by giving permission to play devotional albums, which comes through Aditya Music. His approach towards Devotional Activities is highly appreciable.

Sri Sridhar, Madhura Audio – He supported Aalayavani web radio tremendously by giving permission to play devotional albums, which comes through Madhura Audio. His contribution towards Devotional Activities is highly appreciable.

Sri Rasaraju, His spiritual energy in writing devotional songs is incredible and his writings touched all kind of audience. He has written six songs in our Devalayam CD.

Sri Koruprolu Madhava Rao, He was praised by so many personalities for his writing skills. He wrote many “Dhandakams” on Hindu gods. His soul fully dedicated to Hinduism and Hindu Culture.

Sri Siraasri, He is renowned film writer and lyricist. He has written numerous devotional and patriotic sings. He has written two great songs in our Devalayam CD

Sri V Narasimha Reddy, He is famous lyricist, written songs for many devotional albums. He is coordination the construction of Sri Venkateswara Temple near Nizamabad. His contribution towards Hindu culture is highly appreciable.

Sri Ashok Agarwal, He is organizing Agrasen Mahraj Goshala at Hyderabad and serving so many cows and giving shelter to so many cows. His devotion towards sacred cows is extraordinary.


As many of you know that SaveTemple Office was opened in June 2012 in Hyderabad.  Office is located in Khairatabad. Four full time employees are working on the update of our website, Aalayavani Web Radio, Aalyavani magazine, conducting various activities to preserve and protect Hindu Temples and Culture. Our budget is approximately 2 lakh rupees per month.  We request your generous donation to conduct activities to promote unity among Hindus and restore the glory of Hinduism. Please DONATE. Your donations are appreciated to continue the work.

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