[GHHF/SDF] Invited to Attend Hindu Unity Day on June 1, 2014

Invited to Attend Hindu Unity Day on June 1, 2014
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is very happy to cordially invite you, your family and your friends to attend the 7th Annual Hindu Unity Day organized by Sanatana Dharma Foundation.  This year’s celebration is dedicated to the victory of Sri Narendra Modi and his ascent to the role as Prime Minister of India.

Kindly plan to come and also invite others from the Temple who would like to be part of this event. As you maybe aware, Sanatana Dharma Foundation organizes the Hindu Unity Day in a spirit of bringing Hindus of all Sampradayas and sects under one roof, at least for a day in an year.

One of the speakers maybe of interest to the youth of our community. The speaker is Graham Scheiwg. He is a Professor of Religious Studies, Newport University, Virginia. He will speak on the Gifts of Hindu Dharma to the world. Born here in US, Prof Scheiwg has a deep appreciation for our culture and scriptures and has written on Bhagavad Gita extensively. I think that it will be nice to know his perspectives and views when he speaks on what Hindu Dharma can offer to the world.

Registration Requested

Even though the event is FREE, it will be helpful if attendees register so that it will help in planning for lunch and other logistics. The link to register is: register.sdfglobal.org

Date and Time:        Sunday, 1st June 2014, 12 noon to 5 PM
Location:                  Conference Center, Collin County Community College,                                                          9700, Wade Blvd, Frisco TX 75035

Looking forward to see you at the event.


Prakasarao Velagapudi      601-918-7111
Gopal Ponangi                    214 868 7538