GIBV/Mission-2014 Appeal to Overseas Indians: Support Hindu Nationalist Narendra Modi


Dear Overseas Indians,


We wish all a very happy Gregorian New Year, 2014. 

Let thinking citizens of Bharat give clear majority to Nationalist leader Shri.  Narendra Modi, so that Shree Narendra Modi can be elected as an effective Prime Minister and can usher in good governance without constraints of coalition politics.

A decisive nationalist leader, who inspires others to give their 110% and who brooks no nonsense is the need of the hour; only Narendra Modi fits that bill today. This is not the time to tinker with alternatives that are willing to give away Kashmir, hobnob with Maoist terrorists and have sympathy for terrorist killed in Batla encounter.

Yes, perhaps, this new breed can give good governance, though it is highly doubtful looking to their “freebies” culture, but can we barter away national security for such freebies?

That is the only question every voter has to ask herself.

Let us all rededicate ourselves today to spend every available moment to campaign for Narendra Modi and his party. Let NRIs call their contacts in Bharat, send email, write letters, use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, etc. to bring awareness in the society at this very critical juncture in the history of Bharat, that is, India.

Let us make sure that the maximum number of people register to vote and decide to vote for Hindu Nationalist leader Shri.  Narendra Modi,                    , since that is the only way Narendra Modi can become the Prime Minister of India. . Let us concentrate on new voters, especially youth.


Thousands of pro Modi overseas Indians across USA and world are volunteering & supporting Global Indians for Bharat Vikas (GIBV) Team. Snapshot from September 7th & 8th 2013 New Jersey, USA historic first meetings of volunteers of Mission -2014.

Sitting outside of Bharat, we can do much more but let us concentrate on people to people contacts for now. It does not matter whether you are in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Dubai, Singapore or Hong Kong, start working now without waiting for instructions.

Visit and register yourself as a volunteer to leave a mark in the history.

Let us not give our children a reason to ask in later years, “Where were you dad/mom when the Mahabharat election of 2014 was fought and anti-national force, the Kauravas won again?”.

Happy New Year and Jay Hind!

Thank you.
Brotherly yours,
Gaurang G. Vaishnav
Convener, GIBV/Mission-2014
Twitter: @Mission2014GIBV
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Register to be a volunteer at: 
Source: WHN Media Network