Global Terroist Org. Al Qaeda reaches Indian state of Manipur

Al Qaeda reaches Manipur

Al Qaeda reaches Manipur

In its October 10, 2013 issue, a front page report of Azizulhind informed that Al Qaeda has started spreading its wings in Manipur. The report further informed that recently around 20 Muslims youths had secretly gone to join terror camps.

However, the Police did not confirm this news. But, the DGP of Manipur M K Das said that some investigation is going on in this connection. The DGP also confirmed that a few months ago, Assam rifles arrested two Saudi Arabian people who were trying to sneak in Burma without passport and visa were arrested by the Police. On interrogation, they accepted that they accepted that they had come to Manipur for research on Islamic culture. The Police also claimed that the arrested people are unable to speak Arabic fluently. It is said that they had sent twenty Muslims to Al Qaeda camp for training.

The newspaper also claimed that attempt was being made to put the entire committee under suspicion. There are ten per cent Muslims in Manipur. It is said that the Muslims who had gone to get training in Al Qaida camps belong to Thomabal and Chanel districts which are Muslim majority districts where the Bangladeshi Muslims have been living from a very long time.

Source: Niti Central