Godavari Pushkara


Godavari Mata:        Godavari Pushkaram from July 14 th to July 25

Godavari river arises in Nasik in Maharashtra flows through Andhra , after thus flowing for 1000 miles merges in Bay of Bengal. Godavari is one of major rivers of India. Some rivers dry up during summer. But rivers like Ganga, Godavari, Kaveri, Sindh et al flow all through the year. They are called ‘Jiva nadi’ , Live river. Each Jiva nadi has a time period at which time bathing in them , worshiping near them, listening to stories, matters relating to divine are all even more  auspicious than in other times. Such acts wash away sins, even mentally thinking of taking dip especially in this age of kali will give same merit as actually going physically to the river. 
Our sages were scientists, astronomers besides being united with divine, Yoga through their  tapas. They found at certain time of the year, each river will have a time period when it will be more meritorious  to take bath in them . That period is called Pushkara, Paushya Kara, giving auspiciousness, is Pushkara. For Godavari river it is in July this year.
Pushkara is determined based on Zodiac .
( From Pijanlama Jyotisha)
The circle of the zodiac = 360 degrees
360 = divided into 12 Rashi
  • one rashi = 30 degrees
  • each 30 degree rashi = nine equal portions
  • ‘nava’ = ‘nine’; ‘portion’ = ‘amsha
  • One-ninth of a rashi = nav-amsha = the space of an ‘arc’ = 3 degrees 20 minutes
  • 9 * [3 degrees 20 minutes] = 30 degrees
  • 9 portions * 12 rashi = 108 portions
There are 27 Nakshatra
  • each nakshatra = 4 pada = 4 steps (ped = feet) = 4 quarters
  • each nakshatra quarter = nakshatra pada = 3 degrees 20 minutes
  • each nakshatra = [3 degrees 20 minutes] * 4 pada = 13 degrees 20 minutes
  • 27 nakshatra * 13 degrees 20 minutes = 27 * 13.33 inf = 360 degrees = 1 circle
  • 4 portions * 27 nakshatra = 108 portions
One-ninth of a rashi = One-fourth of a nakshatra

Pushyakaraka Portions
  • 24 of the total 108 Nakshatra-quarters are considered “Pushyakaraka” highly auspicious.
  • 24 of the total 108 rashi-ninths are considered “Pushyakaraka” highly auspicious.
  • Each rashi contains two Pushyakaraka Navamsha = ruled byChandra, Shukra, uttama-Budha, and Brihaspati.
  • Of the 24 Pushyakaraka Navamsha, 3 are further strengthened via Vargottamsha
  • Each Rashi contains a specific degree of “Pushyakaraka Bhaga” which is maximally auspicious.
  • ————————————————————————————————————-
It is easier for layman like me to remember that there are 12 rasis , one for each month of year in Zodiac circle. Every news paper east and west carry every day astrology telling us the possible results, events one can expect depending on zodiac sign for the day or week or month. Any way Pushkara period for a river is determined according to movements of Guru(Brihaspathi ) planet, in west called Jupiter. In our solar family Guru is biggest planet next only to Sun. When Guru or Jupiter enters Simha rasi or constellation of Leo then Godavari Pushkara begins . 
Importance of taking bath on such occasions have been emphasized , highly recommended in various ways extolling the virtues of doing so in our scriptures. It is common knowledge when we take a bath, accumulated dirt gets washed away. So also bathing in a river (Snana)  especially during Pushkara time not only washes off external dirt but also accumulated dirt of sinful thoughts and deeds of present and past births. 
During Pushkara occasion there will be day and night ‘pravachanas’ , which means discourses that uplift soul from mundane to transcendence. Listening to them will make mind purified that will prevent even entry of  sinful thoughts into mind. 
Thus external and internal cleansing take place. Please note how benign and benevolent is our cleansing process, unlike continental scale genocides of monolatry to effect their purification process which invariably involved bathing the earth in rivers of blood. We do it bathing in rivers of sacred water. Which one is superstitious bigotry?
Fortunately already our sages,seers already laid a smooth passage for us, better we take it rather than waste time waiting to receive endorsements or ‘scientific proof’. It took lot of years even armed conflict for medieval Europe to decide on number of angels who can sit on head of a pin or determine that earth is a globe not a flat mat. 
So let us see how Godavari river itself arose and what our scriptures tell us about Pushkara Snana.
Here is a brief note in that regard;

Godavari Pushkara July 2015


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Hare Srinivasa,
Godavari Pushkaralu
This Manmatha year – in addition to Adhika Masa which is being observed now, we have one more celebration coming our way shortly and that is the Godavari Pushkara event on 14-July-2015
 . Pushkara or Pushkar is a Sanskrit word derived from the element of Push (Pushti) meaning nourishment and Kara means one who does it. Pushkara is the energy that nourishes. With reference to the sacred rivers, Pushkara means the one who energize the rivers and provide spiritual purification. Pushkara also means Lotus, sanctified water, Swan, Sword, Sky, Lake Etc… In Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stothra shloka # 5 we find a reference to the word Pushkara where Lord Sri Maha Vishnu is referred to as Pushkaraakshah meaning the one who has lotus eyes, the one who provides nourishment to the entire Universe and the one who is always present in sacred Theerthas. In Tirumala Kshethra the lake near Sri Varaha Swamy temple is known as is known as Swamy Pushkarini.
Godavari Pushkara July 15
It is our ardent duty to respect and follow the traditions and culture pioneered by our elders with a great foresight and Pushkaram is one such sacred Hindu sampradaya that has descended from Sages which is highly auspicious and meritorious.
The word splits as ‘Push’ means to ‘Nourish’ and ‘Kara’ means ‘Who performs’. It is a special energy which nourishes. When Jupiter comes into a new zodiac sign then the Pushkara, along with Lord Brahma and all deities would be with him (with Jupiter) in the first 12 days called Aadi Pushkara and the last 12 days called Antya Pushkara. Please click on the following links for more details on this.
|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||
Like Ganga, Godvari is considered very sacred. Again like Ganga that came down to earth through efforts of Bhagiratha to liberate his ancestors, Godavari also arose due to efforts of  Rsi Gautama one of seven sages , we come across him in Ramayana as well. 
He earned a boon from Siva, which gave him power to grow instantly grain when he merely throws seeds on the ground. That way lot of labor and time are saved which he can use for tapas or yoga. Once to feed lot of guests, fellow sages who arrived at his hermitage, he sprinkled seeds, grass immediately grew along with grain. It so happened a cow came to graze in the field , sent by Ganesha who created an illusion. Often these things are done either to test the devotee or to accomplish some higher purpose. So when Gautama worried about his grain meant for his guests being lost, takes just a twig to gently persuade the cow to move away. However on account of Ganesh’s Maya, the cow lost its life when the twig merely touched it.
Sage Gautama was crest fallen and sad, the guests, the sages advised him to bring Ganga down , let it flow on the fallen cow , which will expatiate his sin. 
Gautama sat on Brahmagiri,near Nasik  to meditate on Siva once again. Siva pleased with him, took a tuft of his hair, touched the ground with it. Godavari river  arose. It is  also called Dakshina Ganga. It is called Godavari because the river flowed on the cow resuscitating it. Go means cow. Just as Ganga is known as Bhagirathi since it was brought down by Bhagirath, Godavari is also known as Gautami since this sage brought it down.
Picture of Godavari in Nasik.
Godavari pushkaram is held all along the course of river Godavari. It takes origin near Nasik, about 50 miles to west coast of India , flows down for about 1000 miles  towards east across South India to join the sea , Bay of Bengal.
Godavari is highly extolled in our scriptures, the merit increases exponentially during the 12 days of pushkaram starting July 14th.
Reva teere tapah kuryat,
Maranam Jahnavi thate
Danam dadya Kurkshetre,
Gautamya tritayam param. 
Do tapas or yoga on the shore of river Reva
take leave of life on the banks of Ganga
give charity in Kurukshetra, 
get the merit of doing all the three  at  Godavari !
This year Godavari Pushkaram has added significance. Pushkara comes every 12 years. A Pushkara that comes 12×12 that is 144 years later is called Mahapushkara. And this year one is Mahapushkara. 
Both Telangana and Andhra are making arrangements for successful conduct of this Pushkara, both places anticipate millions of people, guess estimate is about 80 million all along the shores of this 1000 mile river, from its birth at Nasik to meeting place in Antarvedi at Bay of Bengal. 
Another noteworthy feature  is essentially there is not ad campaign for that many people to come and participate. From ages unknown, people gather for Pushkara Snana in millions without any ad campaign as such. In fact during first few decades of Independence, Governments in Center and states used to discourage such pilgrimages dissuading the people not to assemble because that may cause cholera .also levied pilgrim tax. But same Nehru government did not have any hesitation in promoting Haj to Mecca where also people gather in hundreds of thousands. And GOI even to date provides even pocket money to the Mecca bound Mohammedans from India. Fortunately those days are things of past. This time however all the three governments, Central, Telangana as well as that of Andhra are making plans and arrangements for Pushkara of Godavari, Hope every thing goes well smoothly and may all the three government also derive merit for serving Pushkara. 
Again if one cannot physically go to Godavari, just call on her, like a mother who is always kind to her children, she will confer merit, where ever you take Snana.  Hence  each time we touch water at the time of worship or conducting a rite or ritual, we invoke,
Gangecha, Yamunaivacha
Godavari, Saraswathi
Narmada Sindhu Kaveri
Jalesmin Sannidham Kuru. 
You see how rivers that flow in east, in west , in north and south covering India are all mentioned.  Even before let alone there were any Mohammedan or Englishman in India, but even before there was a single Moslem land or England, our people have been reciting the above sloka and were making pilgrimages to all the places, north, south, east and west of India taking their Snana in sacred waters of rivers there. 
 Concept of India as one nation thus did not come from Mohammedan, British invasions. India is land of Devas  and Rushis who brought the mountains down made valleys, and rivers down from heavens, it is   they who gave us our nation,our culture and civilization.
Best wishes,
                                                                    G V Chelvapilla
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