Govt serious about changing anti-Hindu NCERT’s curriculum : Vinod Tawade, Education Minister

Shri. Vinod Tawade (seated) listening to Shri. Sunil Ghanavat and Shri. Narendra Pawar, MLA next to him

Nagpur (Maharashtra) : The curriculum devised by NCERT degrades Indian culture giving wrong information about history and creates Hindu-hatred amongst students. A committee will therefore, be set up on the lines of committee set up by Goa Government. The State Government has taken serious note of this issue. Education Minister Shri. Tawade assured Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS)’s delegation on 12th December that efforts would be made at Central level to change NCERT curriculum. A representation was submitted to him on the subject on behalf of HJS. Shri. Narendra Pawar, another BJP MLA was also present on the occasion.

Shri. Neeraj Atri, a devout Hindu, Chandigad

There is always controversy regarding NCERT curriculum. Shri. Neeraj Atri, a devout Hindu from Chandigad has brought forth few shocking mistakes found in history text book for 12th standard. There is confusing, wrong and fabricated information published in this book about Indian culture e.g. Gautami and Vasishthi, wives of Indian Sages did not exist; in olden days, level (Varna) of a person used to be decided as per his birth. Students are learning distorted history. It has been demanded through the representation that distortion of history through text books for 7th, 10th and 12th standard should be stopped immediately.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat