Hindu Ceremony Sees Lord Ganesha Statues Immersed in Sea at Clacton

UNITED KINGDOM, September 17, 2018 (Gazette): Hundreds of worshippers descended upon Clacton’s West Beach for a special Hindu ceremony. The ceremony of Ganesha Visarjan saw final offerings made to Lord Ganesha before two statues were taken out into the sea and immersed in the water on Sunday. It brought an end to ten days of prayer and celebration. The annual event was made up of two London temples and attracted a large crowd of onlookers. Mick Skeels, Tendring Council’s cabinet member for leisure and tourism, attended the event. He said: “As always I was delighted to welcome the temples to Clacton, and along with some of our Beach Patrol members I received a blessing before the statues were immersed into the sea.

Source: gazette-news.co.uk