Hindu girl student harassed in Joynagar

Hindu mob thrash guilty Muslim ruffians
Bokul Das, Hindu girl student of 14 years (age) and also daughter of Badal Das, inhabiting village: Durgapur Mistripara, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas, will never forget the evening (7.00 – 7.30 pm) on May 17, 2013 when she was both hassled and heckled by a few Muslim boys. She was going to the private tuition then.
While she was going to the private tuition, Samsud Mollah (s/o Jalal Mollah) and his accomplice obstructed her all of a sudden and entered a cell phone into her school bag forcibly. The incident was enough to make her dumbstruck but she got terrified once the Muslim youths started harassing and urging her to return the phone.
Bokul, in fear, burst into anger making nearby Hindus, especially activists of Hindu Samhati, run towards the very spot. Within a minute the baneful intention of the two Muslim youths got apparent but even if they were asked to apologize to her they remained silent. Only when HS youths along with other Hindus in the locality thrashed them for the immoral behavior, they expressed regret and left the spot soon.
It has been learnt that Islamists in the vicinity are gearing up to avenge this insult of Muslims.
Not a single chance is being missed by Muslim ruffians to harass Hindu girls or women in Bengal these days, bringing back the horrors of 1940s once more.