Hindu land enroached by Muslims and atheists in Kerala

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I am writing this from Karripode Village in Palakkad District where we are in possession of 0.80 acres of land and a 75 year old ancestral house. My grandmother’s uncle was the great saint Swami Tapovan who was Chinmayananda’s first guru. My grandmother’s brother Gopalan Nair purchased 75 cents (0.75 acres) land in our ancestral village and created a sacred grove for our family by planting several teak and venga (pterocarpus marsupium), bamboo, neem, peepal and other trees sacred to devout Hindus. He did not built a wired fence around the prperty but stayed in a hut inside the grove and
grew traditional herbs to extract a heral oil which was a great help for villagers suffering from arthritis . He passed on the knowledge of these herbs to my grandmother on his death and my grandmother nurtured the sacred grove and wrote a will bequeathing the property to my mother Soubhagyavathi Amma and my grandfather who worked in a law firm, was the witness and got the will ratified at Chittur Court (The original will alongwith the possession certificate and map from the registratrs office is in our possession).

After marriage, my mother moved to Ahmedabad in Gujarat and has been living there since the last 50 years. Our visits to Kerala were limited to month long vacations every year.
My mother’s cousins Sreepathy, Ayyapan and and Gamgadharan (93886-88873) ganged up with a land mafia shark named Narayanan (mobile number: 09895715728) (all communists and atheists) and motivated one bank employee Govindan (Mobile 96262 – 48139) ( Presently working in Dhanalakshmi Bank Coimbatore) and one Muslim Naseer and timber merchant Farooq to cut the trees in our sacred grove.
As we were at Ahmedabad we were informed by some villagers that Dhanalakshmi Bank employee Govindan alongwith my mothers cousins entered the sacred grove wearing leather footwear and hired one tree cutter Arumughan to cut several teak trees and giant 75 year old trees where we believe the goddess of the forest resides.

However, one of our well-wishers saw the tree felling and telephoinically informed us so we filed a police complaint but none of the culprits were booked but they were let of with a warning.
Next day, the bank emp[loyee Govindan alongwith his uncle Gangadharan (who impersonated himself as a CBI Officer) entered our sacred grove and constructed an illegal wired fence inside our property encircling the area where the 75 year old teak trees were cut ( This area stretches to 15 cents which is 0.15 acre). In 2005, we had got the land surveyed by the Taluk Surveyor who had marked the borders on all four sides. Two sides are flanked by an irrigation canal for which the Government acquired the land from us. One side is a mud path which is used by local villagers and the fourth side was enroached by one Mr. Mani who sold it to Ayyapan. In May 2013, I visited our sacred grove for meditation and clicked detailed photographs with my digital camera.

There were no teak trees left in our sacred grove ( all were cut by Govindan) and all the wired fences we erected after survey were broken down by these goons and trees were cut from the roots so that we would not know the same. Only two 75 year old mango trees remain in our grove as cutting these trees would deprive the local residents of free mangoes so they objected.
As a true Hindu, who believes that the scared grove was the abode of the divine feminine or Goddess Parvati , I request all readers with contacts in Kerala in Government, Judiciary, public service, activists, environmentalists to call me on 08460578357 or email me at ceo@tips4ceos.com

Readers can also directly call the mobile numbers of the three accused and tell them to immediately remove the illegal wired fence from our sacred grove as it is disturbing my meditation practice.

Murli Menon
Anthure House
Palakkad 678503
The following photographs are attached
1. Illegal house of Arumughan inside our sacred grove (built by political support of Ayyapan)
2. Illegal enroachment by Naseer ( with political support of Narayanan)
3. Illegal wired fence constructed by Dhanalakshmi Bank employee Govindan with support of CBI impersonator Gangadharan)
4. Sacred grove clicked in 2013 March before illegal wired fence)

We are also moving the local courts for legal action through our advocates.

Source: Murli Menon via. WHN Publisher