Hindu majority needed to maintain democracy, secularism, says Swamy

subramanian-swamySenior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy Saturday claimed there was nothing wrong in “ghar wapsi” (religious reconversion) and said Hindu majority was needed to maintain democracy, secularism and socialism in India. He said those Bangladeshis who have entered India can continue to live here but will have to convert to Hinduism.

“We need to have Hindu majority. Necessary measures should be taken to attain that,” Swamy said during an interactive session organised by Merchant Chambers of Commerce and Industry here.

Justifying “ghar wapsi” organised by an RSS affiliate, the BJP leader said, “No FIR was lodged. If people willingly join Hinduism, then what is wrong in it? We will facilitate the process”.

“DNA of Hindus and Muslims is same and it proves that the ancestors of Muslims were also Hindus,” he added.

To a query on continued infiltration from Bangladesh, he said it was serious matter and claimed that those who have crossed over illegally will be sent back. “We will request Bangladesh government to take them back. And if the Bangladesh government cannot take them back, then it would have to give land to accommodate the Muslims from that country,” he said.

“Now, one-third of the Bangladeshis live in India. If they want to live here, they will have to convert to Hinduism. Even though this is my view now, I will make this BJP’s view soon,” Swamy said.

Talking about the stalemate in Jammu and Kashmir, where no permutation could be worked out to form a government, Swamy claimed that places with Muslim majority do not have democracy and socialism.

“One can see what is happening in Kashmir. PDP says they cannot have a Hindu chief minister. Around 500 Kashmiri Pandits were driven away from Valley and now they are living in refugee camps,” he said, adding that the situation was similar in Pakistan where even a democratically elected Prime Minister has to take permission from military chief, the ISI and clerics to attend a programme in India.

Training his guns on Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over her party leaders being found involved in the Saradha chit fund scam, Swamy said, “The tigress got the CPI-M uprooted from Bengal. But now, she deserves to return to the cage in a circus”.

On Trinamool Comgress’s allegations that the CBI probe into the Saradha scam was politically motivated, he said the day he got an impression that the investigation was motivated, he “will again move the Supreme Court and appeal for a court monitored probe”.

Source: The Indian Express