Hindu organizations demands fresh probe into Bajrang Dal activist murder

Mangalore, May 28: “Police have arrested innocents in the murder of Rajesh Poojary of Bajrang Dal who was recently hacked to death in Kalpane. Those arrested were working in a quarry and as a knife sharpener. They are the breadwinners of their family. After the murder, there was immense pressure from the Bajrang Dal and VHP. Hence, Rajashekar Mistry and Linappa Poojary arrested innocents,” said Munir Katipalla, state president, DYFI.
He was addressing the protest rally demanding a fresh probe into the murder of Poojary.
Katipalla said, “Today, several people from Mallur village joined the protest against the arrest of innocents. Though Rajesh Poojary was wanted for murder, no one has the right to kill. No one will defend the murderers. There is a system in this country and as per the system, murderers should be punished. But framing innocents in the case is injustice.”
“Even Bajrang Dal and the VHP should hold protests to pinpoint the real murderers of their activist. If they are not bothered to know the real culprits in this case, then the allegations against them that backward youth are being misused to gain their vested interests by feeding their brains with the ‘opium of religion’ might be true. Irshad, who is one of the accused in the case, got out from his bed at 8 am while the murder took place at 7 am. How can a person who is sleeping at home be involved in this murder? Imran, who works in a stone quarry, reported for work on that day at 8 am. How can a murderer be peaceful at the work place after committing a murder?” he queried.
“The police department must take this case very seriously and contemplate on it. If our demand is not considered, we will hold continuous protests in front of the DC office along with the parents of the accused. We are also ready to hold protests in front of the residence of district-in-charge minister n Bellipadi along with the villagers of Mallur,” he said.
On this occasion, Nebisa, Irshad’s mother, as well as brother, Imran’s mother, and Husain’s mother, corporator Dayananda Shetty, DYFI leaders Imthiyaz, Jeevan Kuthar, and Nithin Kuthar were present.