Hindu Outfits condemn the release of funds for the Modernization of Madrasa’s

Mangalore, Aug 21, 2014: The hindu outfits under the banner of Rashtriya Hindu Andolan have condemned the central govt’s decision to give an aid of 100 crores to modernize the madrasa’s nationwide and has urged the govt. to  withdraw the aid.

Addressing the protest staged in front of the DC office today the convenor of Rashtriya Hindu Andolan Vijayakumar said that by giving aids to the madrasa’s the govt has wasted the money of tax payers. Madra’s have been a source of sexual harassment hindu girls by muslim boys after luring with them. These are the same centers where the girls are forced to convert to Islam religion and anti-national activities are also being held. Hence the central govt. should immediately withdraw the aid’s.

He later on questioned the central govt. if it can provide the aid’s to the madrasa’s and but why not the Kumbhamela which is going to be organized in Nasik, Maharashtra from July 14th, 2015. “The central govt should also take care of the interest of the majority.”

“If the above demands are not fulfilled the hindu outfits will stage a nationwide protest.”, he added.

Upendra Achar and others were present at the occasion.

Source: Bellevision.com