Hindu right group withdraw stir against movie Singham Returns

2407-Singham-P-LPANAJI: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has withdrawn a nation-wide agitation against the movie ‘Singham Returns’ set to release on August 15, for depicting scenes and dialogues which hurt the religious feelings of Hindus. 

These followed an assurance from the director and producer of the film to remove the objections parts. 

Ramesh Shinde, national Spokesperson, HJS said that the Samiti had registered its objections with the producers, directors and the Censor Board after watching its trailer. 

The Samiti warned that this did not mean that the movie had been certified by the Samiti and if the objectionable scenes were found after the release of the movie, the agitation would be intensified.

Source: Times of India