Hindu Squat: Gain balance, strength, power and endurance in one exercise

Hindu-SquatHindu Squat: Gain balance, strength, power and endurance in one exerciseIf there is one exercise that builds strength, power, lung capacity, amazing legs, and burns fat plus energizes you all at the same time – it is THE Hindu Squat.

For centuries (over 3,000 years) this exercise has been used by Hindu Wrestlers to build the greatest leg strength. Legend has it that the great Gamma of India, Ghulum Mohammed, won every one of his 5,000 matches and used to do 500 Hindu Squats everyday and on occasions that number has been blown up to 2,000. Either way that’s a lot of Hindu Squats.

I do them myself and the first time I could only do 20 because it burned so bad. (In a good way). This exercise is one that you gotta build up to especially because you don’t want to get injured. On a positive note, it can be used to prevent injury and strengthen your knees and ankles. And, what I also love about it is the breath work being practiced because it allows you to be very present and more connected to your inner self which in my opinion is one of the most powerful tools to easily overcome obstacles in this human life.

As you will see in my demonstration of the video, your knees surpass your toes big time, and it is not wrong. In fact, it is important to condition your body to do this because in real life movement and in sport we have our knees over our toes in many occasions. I’m sure you have heard to never have your knees over your toes, as this is what people in the fitness industry, including myself, have told you to do because it is important to load your hips in the majority of situations where you bend and pick things up, but training the knees over the toes is not to be discounted.

Try this exercise and it could be a great way to start your day!

Source: voxxi.com