Hindu temple opens in Lubbock, Texas

1473658003727Hindu temple of Lubbock in Texas reportedly held a grand opening on September 10 with ancient Hindu rituals.
Opening ceremonies included various poojas and havans, kalasha sthapana, panchamrutha abhishakam, astothara, aarthi, etc; with priest Murali Manohar presiding over the rituals. Bhoomi-pujan of the temple was held on April 2, where Radha-Krishna is the presiding deity, reports suggest.

Meanwhile, distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada, commended efforts of temple leaders and area community for realizing this Hindu temple.

Rajan Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, further said that it was important to pass on Hindu spirituality, concepts and traditions to coming generations amidst so many distractions in the consumerist society and hoped that this temple would help in this direction. Zed stressed that instead of running after materialism; we should focus on inner search and realization of self and work towards achieving moksh (liberation), which was the goal of Hinduism.

This non-profit temple, on a three-acre plot, besides worship services, also plans to organize activities for children. It will be open over the weekends, on major religious festivals and during sponsored events. It has “No shorts or sleeveless tops” policy. Temple leaders include Lakhu Rohra, Piyush Mittal, Mitesh Patel and Kamlesh Patel.

Hinduism, oldest and third largest religion of the world, has about one billion adherents. There are about three million Hindus in USA.

Source: Meri News