Hindu University of America: Orientation to Hindu Studies

Dear Friends & Supporters,

We are pleased to announce that Hindu University of America is open for enrollment. Please visit the web site at www.hua.edu and browse through the Programs, Areas of Study and Courses offered.We encourage all of you to register for the course – “Orientation to Hindu Studies” – This will provide a thorough overview of the kinds of programs and courses that are available, and will be taught by distinguished Faculty such as Dr. Vishwa Adluri, Dr. Kundan Singh, Dr. Joydeep Bagchee and Dr. Debidatta Mahapatra.In this course, you will be able to sample the high quality content and teaching that is available at HUA, and determine for yourself, if you want to go deeper, develop expertise and and become a spokesperson and ambassador for Hinduism in a multi-cultural and global world. The course starts on 9/23/2019. Price of the course is $300. $200 if registered before 9/10/2019. Please enroll and encourage your friends to enroll as well !!

We are conducting a repeat Webinar this Sunday September 8th, at 5 pm (PST) / 8 pm (EST),

Kindly click on the link below and fill up the details in the webinar form.
We will send you the link to the webinar after you register.



Source: World Hindu News (WHN)