Hinduism in Brazil

According to 2000 Census, there are about 3000 Hindus in Brazil. The number must be more as Hinduism has greatly accelerated in the last 10 years. Most of the Brazilians are ethnic East Indians.

Today about 5 million Brazilians are practicing yoga regularly and several dance and art schools have mushroomed all over Brazil. Major Hindu influence began in Brazil in 1953 when yoga was taken by a French man, whose Indian name was Shivananda. He started a yoga academy in one of the towns of Brazil. Later, many other forms have entered such as Hare Krishna Movement, Vedanta Philosophy, Indian classical music and finally Indian classical dance. The Brazilians got hooked to Indian music, vegetarianism, food and culture and there has been no stopping its popularity.

Indian way of live has penetrated deeply among the people and some of the Brazilians have great admiration towards Indian culture. Many have ventured out to take a trip to India visiting several ashrams and gurus. They have taken back to Brazil a kind of Indian culture which has created a deep rooted impact among Brazilians.

International Geeta Society (IGS) has a branch in Brazil.