“Hindus are happier than most people of many other religions”

George Harrison once said, “Through Hinduism Ifeel a better person. I just got happier and happier.”

There are many reasons why Hindus are so contented, but I’ll point out some of the important reasons I believe that Hindus are happier than most people of many other religions.
One important reason is that Hindus don’t pursue love, which is sometimes lust, but they follow dharma. That means taking care of the family and society. But an even more important reason is that Hindus believe in Reincarnation (karma), which means every human being is at a different level of consciousness so they have different needs in spirituality.

Hinduism provides this as it gives complete freedom of thoughts and beliefs. There are some Hindus who are happy doing pujas and others are happy doing yagnas, some are happy just doing meditation while others are atheist. There are some who like to go on pilgrimages, while others are happy not having to go to Temple. Some like to read spiritual books or believe in no form for God. Some Hindus enjoy going to Temple or Satsang while others like to follow and worship a Guru. People of different levels of consciousness are all happy doing their thing.

This diverse way of spirituality does not exist in monoistic religions for example Islam and Christianity which has only one God, one name, one book, and only one way to worship on the same day. Hindus not only have many spiritual books but there are some still being written. Hindus are also happy because they respect and love people of all religions, and believe in non-violence. Hindus not only worship murtis (idols) but they can worship man as God as well. This variety of spiritualism makes man very happy and contented. Some Hindus complain that Hindus do too much murti pujas.This freedom is like a democracy, everyone is happily complaining.

If you want to be happy, become a Hindu again because variety is the spice of life. Hindus are happy at every level. Hindus believe God is one but names are many, truth is one but religions are many.

Source: Positive Bunch