Hindus being raped and gang raped in Bangladesh in the year 2015

Bangladeshi minorities are continuously living under anxiety and insecurity. Their lands are grabbed, female and girls are raped, frequently forced to convert their religions, temples are being demolished, idols vandalized, houses burnt, people murdered, and kidnapped, threatened for extortions, businesses are being looted or extorted. In consequence, minorities are being forced for an exodus. In 2015, murdered 24 people, 239 injured, kidnapped 24 female, forcefully convert 9 girls and female,  25 female and girls raped, 10 were gang raped, 2 were murdered after rape, 4 were attempted to rape.

Raped Hindu female and girls -2015

January 7: A poor Hindu mother and her daughter were being raped in Birthidangha village, Pangsha upzila in Rajbari district.January 15: A Hindu woman was being raped by UP chairman in Savar Bank colane.

January 15: An indigenous 7 years child was being raped at Kashkhali in Rangamati.

February 8: Two miscreants kidnapped a Santal girl. Then miscreants ganged raped the girl at Parvatipur in Dinajpur.

May 3  : An indigenous woman was gang raped at Kaptai in Rangamati. Another indigenous woman was also assaulted .

May 15:  A Hindu woman, Shilpi Rani Das was being gang raped by miscreants then murdered at Ramashar palli, Mhadavpur in Habizonj.

May 21: A Garo woman was gang raped at Khoril Bhirsho road in Dhaka. A rape case was being filed on 22th May.

May 27:  A Hindu woman, Sonju Rani Deb was being gang raped at Balagaonj in Sylhet. But police administration did not take any legal action later Sonju Rani and her husband attacked by miscreants.

June 3: A Hindu woman was raped in Chogacha City Corporation in Jessore. Miscreants took video when they rape the woman. Then it’s spread in internet. For this reason woman was being suicide.

June 5: Arpana Rani Das went to toilet at night 9 : 00 PM. In the meantime Mohammad Hiron Miya and Mohammad Safiq Ali forcefully took away Arpana Rani Das. They continuously raped Arpana Rani in Shafiq house.

July 9:  A Buddhist girl Etti Barua was kidnapped and raped at Kutopalong, Ukhiya upzila , in Cox’s bazaar.

July 11: Gita Rani Das was sleeping in her room in the meantime Deloyar Hossen went her room raped Gita Rani at Dhamirhat in Noagon district.

July 29: An indigenous girl Anjana Tripura was being gang raped in Goymara, Khagrachari district.

August 4 , 8 : Two Hind girls Shabranti Bachad and Hira Roy were being raped by Mohammad Soharab Gazi in Mirzapur village , Domoriya upzila, Khulna district.

August 4: An Indigenous girl Minoti Maran was being raped by Mohammad Al-Amin at Vatara in Dhaka.

August 18: An indigenous girl Subran tripura was being gang raped by hospital workers in Bhandharban.

September 11:  Shamsul Alam raped 11 years Hindu girl at Baniyachang, in Habigaonj. Romi Das was sleeping in her room in the meantime Shamsul Alam forcefully entered her room at night 12:00 AM and raped her.

September 19: It was Saturday night. A Juba League supporter, Mofazal Hossen Zinah forcefully picked up a Hindu girl Boli Rani from the street and then he raped at Dabour village, Shivgaonj, Bagura.

October 12: Santana Rabidas is a Hindu girl. He is 9 years old. Miscreants tried to rape this Dalita girl.

November 1: An indigenous female raped in Dhamarhat, Nogaon. Shadequl Islam forcefully raped this indigenous female when he went to market.

November 11: At night 9:00 AM, a Hindu girl was gang raped in Nilphamari.

November 22:  Vabani Das Goshal is supervisor of east North Bengal in Natore. Few criminals gang raped Vabani Das Goshal’s wife and then killed.

December 19: Debi Rani Tripura is a indigenous female. Miscreants raped Debi Rani at Mahischari Union in Khakrachari district.

December 23: An indigenous girl walking in the street at the meantime, four miscreants came with a auto rickshaw forcefully picked up the girl. Then four man rape the indigenous girl at Kaptia Chittagong.

Source: thelotpot.com