Hindus celebrate Nav Raatri

goddess-durga-navratri-hd-wallpaperAS Pitri Paksha (fortnight of honouring ancestors) comes to an end, Hindus around the world will begin to celebrate the festival of Nav Raatri. Nav Raatri is the worship of the Hindu goddess Durga performed during this period. Durga is the consort of Lord Shiva (the destroyer). Nav Raatri translates to mean nine nights. During this period, Hindus give offerings to three forms of Durga or Shakti. The festival is observed twice a year.
In Trinidad, the festival began from September 24 and concludes on October 2.
The first three days are dedicated to Durga to remove or destroy the impurities of life. The next three days are for Mother Lakshmi, to bring wealth and prosperity to the devotee and the final three days Mother Sarsawati is worshipped for wisdom, knowledge and success. These three are considered to be the main three goddesses.
Puja (an act of reverence to the divine form of God) is performed. Hindus usually fast from eating meat and consuming alcohol and other negative acts.
An offering of Durga Dhar, which is a liquid mixture of nine auspicious ingredients, is offered to the goddesses during the nine days. The ingredients usually include white rice, saffron, camphor, clove, nutmeg, neem leaves, milk or water, honey and a red flower. Some add sindoor (red or orange-red powder).
The mixture is usually blended together; however, over time manufacturers have compressed the ingredients into a powder form for sale for those who cannot source all the separate ingredients. This can be bought at a puja store.
The significance of the festival is to worship the female aspect of God, who is known to be the universal mother. It is the triumph of good over evil. For a devotee it is the removal of negativity to replace with positivity and positive energy into their life.

Source: Trinidad Express