Hindus in Pakistan face sedition charges for cheering India’s victory over Pakistan

downloadLahore: India defeated Pakistan in the recently held ICC World Twenty20 Cricket match in Bangladesh. While India was cheering loud from across the border and Indian seculars were booed by the communals there, Pakistan wore a look of gloom for the whole day.

In case of Lahore, the streets looked more melodramatic, the people were bitterly weeping, even worser than how they would feel bad for a big bomb blast.
But, things took a turn in a silent place of Lahore, where Hindus were seen celebrating the victory of India. They were bursting crackers, shouting wolf sounds and were seen dancing. This had irritated the proud nationalist Pakistanis and even the ghosts of Pakistanis too. There were riots in that area, where the infidel Hindus were celebrating the victory of India. An attempt to fire the place was prevented by the arrival of police.

Speaking to the media, a policeman said, “We have deployed riot control vans around the place. We will be on look to prevent any grave incident happening. We mourn for the loss of properties in the location. I wish everyone here Rest In Peace from now on”
Ahmed, a footpath dweller, was frightened by the activities from the riot location. He said, “We thought those Hindus were gone forever and was happy that there won’t be dirt in our pure nation. But, they are still coming back again and again. ”

Jameela, a college student, felt frightened by hearing the news going around. She said, “The mainstream Pakistan media has not showed this news till now. They act as though they try to appease the minorities. But nobody can hide the truth to the real Pakistanis, when Zaid Hamid is there. He will showcase the play of RSS-MOSSAD-CIA role in yesterday night riots. Wait and Watch”. She also added that she is ghostwriting a book on how spooky the Hindus in Lahore are.

Meanwhile, HalfFees Saeed, a lawyer, has filed petition to deliver sedition charges against Hindus for being anti-national and cheering over Pakistan’s defeat. And the judge of the local court has agreed to take up the case. But since Hindus cannot come to the court, they are looking for a ghostwitness there.
Our reporter got hold of the address and landed up on the riot location and he suddenly felt chilled. For the place he visited is a Hindu cemetery. Hurriedly, he questioned the passer-bys and one of them said, “Yes. People here had heard cheering sound from inside the cemetery yesterday night after the cricket match got over. And riot broke out here only. ”

Another person laughingly said, “Ha ha.. Where in Pakistan will you find Hindus dancing and celebrating? It can be possible only here” and showed his fingers to the cemetery and continued, “But, we will not allow it to happen too. I wish Pakistan army moves these anti-national ghosts out to where they belong, across the border”.

There were news going around that ISI had planned to abduct Navjot Singh Sidhu and make him talk in the Hindu cemeteries to chase away the anti-national communal Hindu ghosts from Pakistan itself.

Source: Faking News