Hindus should oppose celebration of birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan

Shivmogga (Karnataka) : Tipu Khasim Ali, the President of ‘Hazarat Tipu Sultan Abhimani Vedika’ has made a demand that Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary should be celebrated on 2nd November, in whole of Karnataka, with initiative of the State Government. In a program held at ‘Tunga Maidan’ for releasing book written by Talakadu Chikkarange Gauda, titled ‘Events fromTipu Sultan’s regime’, he made the above demand.

Demands made by Tipu Khasim Ali
1. Tipu Sultan fought against the British and became a great leader. In his memory, holiday should be declared on 2nd November, Saturday and his birth anniversary should be celebrated in Government offices. The Government should issue an order that all Government employees should go to office on that day.
2. A research centre should be started in the State. If it is not done by the Government, our ‘vedika’ will collect funds and do the needful.
3. ‘Tipu Bhavan’ should be built in every District and Taluka.
4. Lessons about Tipu should be included in the curriculum of 1st standard to degree course through which patriotism can be generated amongst children.

District Superintendent of Police (DSP) praises Tipu !
DSP Kaushalendra Kumar releasing the book in the program said, “Tipu Sultan, who had said that ‘even if one lives for one day, one should live like a lion’, should be kept as ideal and his patriotism should be inculcated by everyone.” (Tipu Sultan was not patriotic but a Hindu-hater, is the true history. One police officer, while in service, is praising a person who oppressed Hindus. A complaint should be lodged against him with his senior officer by Hindus ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)
Congress MLA says, “Tipu is the wealth of the nation !”

K. B. Prasannakumar, the inaugurator of the program said, “It is not right to impose limitations on Tipu Sultan as belonging to one religion. He is the national wealth.” (Tipu Sultan fought and died only for Muslims. He had nothing to do with Hindu Dharma. He converted 80,000 Hindus in one day. He cannot be wealth of the nation; but can be wealth of only fanatic Muslims. Anti-Hindu Congressmen like Prasannakumar should be taken to task, in lawful manner, by Hindus for making such statements. – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) He promised to talk to the Chief Minister about celebrating his birth anniversary instead of giving holiday.
Vedika’s Aftab Parvez was the Chairman of the program. Author Talakadu Chikkarange Gauda, JDS’ District President M. Shrikant, DSS’ State Director Gurumurty etc. attended the program.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti