Hindus should unite to preserve Nepal as Hindu Nation : Dr. Charudutta Pingale

Pujya Dr. Charudutta Pingale

Pujya Dr. Charudutta Pingale

(Pujya) Dr. Charudatta Pingale, the national Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) recently toured Nepal. Observations made by (Pu.) Dr. Pingale about mentality of Hindus from Nepal, problem of Nepal being declared as secular country by Maoists and Christian rulers, expectations of Nepali Hindus about relations between Nepal and India and their views about Hindus and pro-Hindu organizations from India are given below.

Nepal is considered to be a ‘Swayambhu (self-existent)’ Hindu country. Earlier, Nepal was declared as secular country, in principle, by Maoist Government. Maoists and political parties, with majority, receiving funds from Christian countries have hatched a conspiracy to declare Nepal as a secular country; but new Constitution of Nepal is yet to be written. Since Nepal is not declared as a secular country through Constitution, Hindus from Nepal still consider her as a Hindu country. In the recently held elections, Hindu population of Nepal has ousted Maoists; terror spread by Maoists to grab power was defied. It is observed that Nepali Hindus have expressed their displeasure over declaring of Nepal as a secular country.

In the coming months or by the end of the year, Constitution of Nepal will be written. Most of the members writing Constitution are those who have either given up ‘Hindutva’; or westernized or Maoists and therefore, they believe in secular ideology. It is very much likely that they would declare Nepal as a secular country and Nepali Hindu brethren are preparing to fight against the same. They are expecting help from Hindus and pro-Hindu organizations from India in their struggle.

Every country in the world has adopted some religion or the other as her national religion. Countries where majority population is Christian, they have adopted Christian religion, or Islam where Muslims are in majority; Buddhism where Buddhists are in majority; thus every country has adopted respective religion as national religion. In the same way, India and Nepal have majority of Hindus as citizens; therefore, these countries should declare themselves as Hindu countries, is the demand not only made by Hindus from India and Nepal but by Hindus all over the world and such demand seems to be logically Constitutional and natural.

Development is more in plateau regions compared to hilly regions as mode of transport and other facilities are better. Wrong policies of the government can also prevent development in hilly regions and Christian missionaries observed this and increased their conversion activities in such hilly, forest or remote areas.

They create atmosphere of inequality amongst people, follow ‘Divide and rule’ principle of the British creating discontent amongst people. It is the conspiracy of missionaries under which they create bad opinion about patriotic and loyal rulers; encourage rebel and divisive forces and their movements. By extending financial and political aid to people, the missionaries oust ruling governments with help of such people; and establish rule in the hands of those who are puppets in missionaries’ hands. This endangers sovereignty of the country and causes unrest in society which helps missionaries to carry out their conversion activities conveniently without any danger.

It is an alarming conspiracy of secular Congressmen Indira, Rajiv and Sonia (Manmohan Singh) Gandhis; in fact, they have betrayed Hindu population of this country. It is known that Rajiv Gandhi had once promised the citizens from North- Eastern region during election period that those States would be run on the ideology of Bible instead of as per Indian Constitution. Similar incidents are happening in Nepal.

Nepalese feel that secular Congress Government in India and Christian missionary, Sonia Gandhi are responsible for the happenings in their country and they are not wrong because India’s stand is very important for politics in Nepal. Intelligence Agency and people of Nepal feel that Sonia Gandhi and Christian countries supporting her with funds, are responsible for India not helping to curb Maoists; to increase terror of Maoists so as to help them to grab power; Maoists following policies of Christian countries and declare Nepal as secular country and make it easy for Christian countries to undertake conversions etc. There appears to be truth in it because had India used her political power, Nepal would not have faced such political damage.

 Few scholarly Nepalese brethren are of the view that Congress-led Government under Sonia Gandhi’s leadership has hatched a conspiracy to incite Maoists’ Government in Nepal for converting her into a secular country. They cite an incident which took place in the past to justify their view. When Smt. Sonia Gandhi had visited Nepal, the King of Nepal had not allowed her to enter ‘Pashupatinath Temple’ and have ‘darshan’ which provoked her to cause such upheaval in Nepal and bring in Maoist Government.

 Lot of money is sent to Nepal from Sweden and Norway etc. which is distributed amongst different political parties and social organizations in favour of conversion mission. It is a conspiracy to make them slaves of Christian countries. People of Nepal have an idea about it. How few persons can sell a country, society and Dharma to get money and fame can be seen in Nepal. Same thing was happening in India earlier and is happening even now. Indian politics has been turned towards Christianity by establishing hold over so-called secular, communists and so-called progressive organizations and political parties.

Compared to two-party democracy in USA and England, Nepal, like India, has adopted multi-party democracy. Thus, the British sowed seeds of partition in India and Nepal. They want to create rift amongst people who are not Christians and they want to even divide politics of such countries in many political parties so that such country is ruled by unstable government. Even if they have adopted two-party democracy in their countries, they force other countries to have multi-party democracy. Here, their policy is to gain politically by ‘Divide and rule’ method and to continue their mission of propagation of Christianity. There are many shrewd tactics adopted by them.

Many political parties have been formed in Nepal like India which represent personal ambitions, dominated by certain castes, followers of specific ideologies and representing particular geographical territories. Accordingly, Hindus have also been divided. Like Hindus in India, Hindus are divided based on castes-creed, language, region, financial condition, education, geography etc. in Nepal too. No political party is successful in getting majority owing to their falling prey to the policy of ‘Divide and rule’ used by the British. It will not be possible for any party to get complete majority in Nepal at present. It gives importance to even small parties getting elected on local issues. Politics gets more inclined towards appeasing associate parties and different factions instead of thinking about national welfare leading to cause harm for the nation and Dharma. It has been realized by politicians but nobody is ready to do anything about the same. Barring few exceptions, all are filling their coffers. Very few patriots and devout individuals and organizations are trying to declare Nepal as a Hindu nation which is a plus point.

All Christian countries are trying to rule over the world on the strength of money power. All Christian countries are trying their best for propagation of Vatican. These Christian countries have extended monetary help to most of the political parties in Nepal, directly or indirectly, through some non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Presently, the Christian organizations extending financial aid and the country are ruling over Nepalese. Political parties are used by those, extending such financial aid for fulfilling their selfish goals, causing harm to the nation, Dharma and society; but no political party is bothered about it, is biggest tragedy of Nepal and can be called as effect of ‘Kali Yuga’.

Citizens who live near Indian territory have similar physique like Indians whereas those who live near Chinese and Tibetan territory look similar to Chinese and others look like descendants of Mongols. Christian missionaries tell Nepali Hindus who look like Mongols that they are not originally Hindus; but are Christians; thus dividing them from other Hindus. The missionaries then convert these Hindus. As per history, all races existed but no religions like Christianity, Buddhism or Islam were there; therefore, it is now time to tell Christians that all these people were Hindus; but it has become most essential to give ‘Dharma-shikshan’ to Hindus.

Hindus and pro-Hindu organizations from Nepal have strong discontent towards the powerful pro-Hindu organizations in India. When the process of Nepal being declared as secular country was going on, these powerful pro-Hindu organizations did not support their Hindu brethren from Nepal. Nepali Hindus did not get any support, moral or any other kind, from them. Mutts, temples, Dharma-Peethas from India did not oppose and this remorse is burning in most of the Hindu brethren from Nepal.

The same mistake was committed by Hindu population and organizations from other parts of the country when Hindus were being driven out of Kashmir by jihadi terrorists. Hindus need to realize that in future, they have to rectify their mistakes and do their duty towards Dharma by extending support to their brethren all over the world and with moral principles and pressurization tactics solve problems faced by Hindus.

China and Japan are also trying to have hold over Nepal by increasing influence of Buddhism. Countries like Russia, Austria, Spain etc. are trying to create groups advocating their ideology through cultural, educational exchange, funding educational institutions, road-constructions etc. Nepalese accuse that ambassadors of all countries are working towards the same.

Nepalese are getting financial aid from different countries and they are going under influence of those countries which is a warning bell for Hindus from Nepal and India. At Kathmandu, the Capital City of Nepal, educated, intellectuals, workers and businessmen have developed loyalty towards some country or the other and are depending on them at ideological and financial level; but they are forgetting own identity like own Dharma, nationality and people; which is a tragedy.

On one hand, Sanskrut language is taught besides ‘Shad-darshan’ etc.; it is observed that people also prefer to educate in English medium. They are ready to go to other countries for jobs which is a paradox. Amongst them, the number of Nepalese educated in English medium adopting western life style and ideology is increasing very fast. They do not feel the need for Hindu Rashtra.

Next generation of most of the people, striving for ‘Hindutva’, are working in Christian countries for jobs drawing fat salaries. As a result, for undertaking movement of preservation of ‘Hindutva’ as per traditions, the young generation is not available here and it is observed that ‘Hindutva’ movement is run by old, retired citizens; but few devout persons and organizations are striving very hard and carrying on historical task of preserving ‘Hindutva’ which is a matter of hope.

Compared to Nepal, anti-Hindu Indian rulers have already declared India as a secular country through its Constitution; therefore, people’s movement will have to be staged for declaring India as a Hindu Rashtra as per Constitution. Not only for Hindus, but for progress of all mankind, living beings, it is necessary to declare India as a Hindu Rashtra. Such Hindu Rashtra will protect righteous human beings undertaking spiritual practice following different paths; will punish unrighteous, selfish people trying to destroy such righteous people and will certainly fulfill the principle of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (Whole Universe is one family)’. Hindus from all over the world should, however, become active and take part in related activities proving themselves as ‘Karma-Hindus’. ‘Karma-Hindus’ means burning coal which transmits power of Dharma whereas ‘Janma-Hindus (Hindus only by birth)’ will be an extinguished coal in heap of ash that does not transmit power of Dharma (so responsible for increasing unrighteousness) !


12. Remedies for problems of Nepal

The following solutions were thought of after studying all problems faced by people of Nepal –

  1. Impart ‘Dharma-shikshan’ to Hindus
  2. Create awareness amongst Hindus towards attacks taking place every day.
  3. Expose missionaries’ ploy and wrong deeds before people
  4. Hindus unite forgetting all differences
  5. Hindus from Nepal undertake spiritual practice, take guidance of Saints and prepare themselves mentally for all round revolution related to Dharma
  6. Start a periodical that writes frankly and boldly by undertaking study about current situation
  7. Create books to explain spiritual practice and Dharma for present times in simple language
  8. Unite pro-Hindu persons and people with same ideologies

On the base of such power of unity, it is most essential to guide Nepalese citizens for undertaking the task of preserving identity of Nepal as a ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat