Hindus, Sikhs Cancel Holi Festival Due To Recent Attacks

“Our conscience does not accept that when our brothers get killed and wounded, we celebrate Holi,” says leader

Hindus and Sikhs living in Afghanistan have announced they will not celebrate Holi, the festival of colors and spring, because of recent terrorist attacks in Kabul and the provinces.

The festival is well-known among Hindus and Sikhs as a sign of overcoming goodness to badness. Afghanistan’s Hindus and Sikhs residents say that in such critical circumstances as the recent attack on a hospital in Kabul, it is better than holding such festival that the people should instead help each other and show sympathy.

“We are sons and daughters of this soil we live under Islam’s flag. Our conscience does not accept that when our brothers get killed and wounded, celebrate Holi. We canceled the event,” said Awtar Singh, head of Hindus and Sikhs Council in Afghanistan. 

Thumbnail“We were united, we are united and will remain united. All other ethnic groups participate in our events of sadness and happiness and we also participate in their events and share happiness and sadness,” said Rawol Singh, a representative of Hindus and Sikhs.

In the last more than one decade, Hindus and Sikhs nation have faced numerous challenges. Some have left the country and other left their original provinces and come to Kabul. 

Hindus and Sikhs always have been optimistic about future and insist they should stay in the country and other Afghan refugees also should return.

Source: tolonews.com