Hindus struggle to protect temples in Pakistan

imagesWhy not? Religion is a matter of personal faith, it is ones personal way of worshiping god, just keep it that way. “Extremist” or “Intolerant” people can be anything but “Religious”. Most Muslims & Hindus live together in harmony, it is only some small sections of religious nutjobs and power hungry politicians that fuel hatred and some illiterate idiots who fall for it. As @AUz said, “One extremist element of one religion awakens the extremist element of the other religion and everything goes down hill from there.”

BTW Islam and Hinduism are NOT completely two opposite religions, in fact Hinduism is not opposed to any religion. Being a Bengali you must have heard about Ramkrishnadeb, he said “Joto mot toto path”, that means “there are many opinions and many ways”….to connect with god and worship him, Hindus believe in that, and that’s why you will find Hindus worshiping in Dargahs & Mazars, going to Gurudwaras, worshiping Mahabir & Buddha, and worshiping Jesus. We believe all gods and prophets are manifestations & representations of one supreme god, hence, we don’t take chances to offend anyone.

And even in Hinduism there is only one god, the Paramatma or Prambrahma or Brahma or Brahman, he is formless, all Hindu gods and prophets are manifestation of the “Supreme Soul”. Have you seen a clay pot filled with holy water in front of the Hindu idols? We believe the Supreme Soul, who is formless, comes and resides in that holy water inside the clay pot when the Pujari does “Pran Pratistha” by doing Puja Path, water is also formless, colorless, and smell-less, that’s why water is used. Sometimes we keep idols for more than the stipulated days after Puja, but we must let go the clay pot by doing “Bisharjan”.

Source: Pakistan Defence