Hindus thrashed in Sandeshkhali to teach Hindu Samhati a lesson

downloadOn every year, before its anniversary on February 14 in particular, onslaughts on Hindu Samhati get all-time high; this is no surprising any more. It has been reiterated in 2014 yet again and at Sarberia market within the jurisdiction of police station of Sandeshkhali in the district of North 24 Paraganas, known for bids of hard-line Muslims to persecute Hindus for all time. On February 1, at 10 am, when activists of Hindu Samhati were busy to glue posters extolling Hindu Samhati’s impending anniversary on February 14, 2014 in Kolkata on walls, local Muslim thugs attacked them with lethal weapons. The group led by Shahjahan Sheikh and comprising 60 Muslim hooligans was fairly large and hence, they overpowered three innocent youths, namely, Amay Bhunia, Paresh Mandal and Babu Mukle almost instantly. Three youths were taken to the local office of Trinamool Congress and were thrashed in each possible way literally. It has been learnt, apart from kicks and punches, both deadly weapons and handles of guns were used to beat hollow the three Hindu youths. And thanks to all these, both right leg and right hand of Amay Bhunia were broken. While Babu Muckle was left with heavy injury, Paresh Mandal had fracture on his head. It is worth to mention, all these three youths defected from the illegal army of Shahjahan Sheikh of late and the attack was both to avenge desertion and stamp down morale of Hindus getting united under the banner of Hindu Samhati.
But what has amazed all is the attitude of local administration to this dastardly attack. Even if the torture took place within the party office of Trinamool Congress, neither police attempted to take stock of the situation (let alone nabbing the culprits) nor local Trinamool leadership expressed any condemnation. It seems as if anybody in Sandeshkhali has the prerogative to thrash Hindus at anytime and the best police can do is to remain subservient to the diktat of Shahjahan Sheikh, infamous criminal and elected Panchayat Member of Trinamool Congress as well as nominated as deputy-head of Agarati-Sarberia area. The injured boys were left for hours without minimal medical treatment. Again, contrary to expectation, police and administration were found to dub the fallout as a political rivalry between activists of Trinamool Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party even if it was known to all that the name of Hindu Samhati is enough to irate Shahjahan Sheikh and the three youths were thrashed for daring to project Hindu Samhati’s upcoming rally in public. What’s more, to make revenge of Shahjahan Sheikh’s a success, police allegedly arrested injured youths by putting firearms in their pockets. They were brought to the Basirhat Hospital and not to any hospital in Kolkata to let them suffer.
This was not all. On February 2, in the evening, the gang of Shahjahan Sheikh unleashed hell once more at Bhatidaha Mallikpara within the jurisdiction of samepolice station of Sandeshkhali. At this time, the innocent Scheduled Caste Hindu victims were not local but were hailing from Sardarpara in the village of Amjhara within the jurisdiction of police station of Basanti and came to the residence of Dadhiram Sardar at Bhatidaha to attend a family function. While they were returning, felons pounced down on them, women along with teenage girls were taken to Muslim residences forcibly. There, they were subjected to mercilessness along with molestation and were also despoiled.
But these grave incidents have failed to hit the headlines as Hindus are unwanted to the mainstream media whether in Bengal or the rest of India. West Bengal Human Rights Commission, perhaps, prefers to act as blind Dhritarashtra regarding onslaughts on Hindus in Bengal.