Hindus thrashed mercilessly but also arrested in Baruipur

south_24_parganas_district_mapServitude to Islamists in Bengal indicates calamity in the offing
On June 24, 2014, the village of Jayatala within the Baruipur police station’s jurisdiction in the district of South 24 Paraganas perceived a cruel face-off between its Hindu inhabitants and Muslims living in Gatkanda More in the vicinity. No doubt, there has been a steady hostility between two communities but the way in which Muslims from Gatkanda More attacked Hindus from Jayatala village and without any provocation amazed the local administration even. People living in other areas of Baruipur have also condemned this ghastly assault unanimously.
The problem started on June 24 at 10 am when three youths inhabiting Jayatala namely Pradipta Naskar, Dibakar Patowari and Uttam Naskar were going towards Gatkanda More on a motorcycle. As soon as three Hindu youths reached the crossway at Gatkanda More, they were abused by an individual named Samser Mollah.  There was apparently no reason to make Samser Mollah call their names; the incident was more than enough to enrage the three youths. But, as soon as they protested, Samser Mollah attacked them with a bamboo stick and thrashed them mercilessly. The attack was so swift that Hindu youths failed to render a befitting reply. While Uttam Naskar and Dibakar Patowari got badly injured (deep fracture in their heads led to bleeding profusely), Pradipta Naskar managed to return to the village. Both injured youths were taken to the nearby primary medical center soon. The news did spread like a wild fire in the village leaving all to wonder of the possible reasons behind such a dastardly attack. While youths of village started preparations to have vengeance, elders in the village calmed them down and assured all of adopting proper measures to settle the tension.      
Within a few minutes, a group of people comprising 20 Hindu individuals from Jayatala went to Gatkanda More to know the reason and also settle any kind of antagonism. But what happened next was contrary to their imagination. Once they reached the spot, Muslims, whether young or old, male or female, encircled and started abusing them. The group got bewildered but they were not ready to give in to abuses and potential threats of the large pack of Islamists. The verbal spat between two groups got new heights rapidly but it ended with the onset of second round of attacks on Hindus. Islamists of the village of Gatkanda attacked Hindus with lethal weapons including swords and choppers. Even if Hindus failed to strike back, they got success in defending themselves at least. Nonetheless, Pintu Mandal, Sanjib Naskar, Bhisma Naskar, Tapan Naskar and Bhabesh Naskar got critical injuries. Since Bhisma Naskar was bleeding heavily, he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.
What astonishes all is that police stopped the same ambulance and arrested heavily injured Bhisma Naskar along with Dilip Bhuiyan, Pintu Mandal, Pabitra Naskar, Uttam Naskar. Police registered a formal case (877/14) against these youths. However, later on, based on complaints from inhabitants of the village of Jayatala, Samser Mollah was also arrested.          
Is there any end to servitude to Islamists in governance, police of Bengal?