HJS website’s in its altogether new look inaugurated

pande_maharaj1-300x229Panvel (Maharashtra), 25th September – H. H. Pande Maharaj, Sanatan’s Saint inaugurated the website of HJS, which is an organization dedicated to the mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra and engaged in extensive spread of ‘Hindutva’ at an international level. H.H. Maharaj also inaugurated the  English version of the website ‘Sanatan shop’ that sells Sanatan’s holy texts on-line. On the auspicious occasion of the maiden day of ‘Sharadiya Navaratri’, the function was held at Devad Ashram of Sanatan at Panvel.

The website of HJS, started 7 years ago as a sapling, has today expanded in the form of a banyan tree. Amongst hundreds of websites spreading ‘Hindutva’, website of HJS is considered as one among the top/ leading websites. Extensive promulgation about attacks on Hindus staying in India and abroad is made through this website. More than 6, 00, 000 readership of this website indicates its popularity amongst Hindus. The activities of Hindu ‘Dharma-jagruti’ and Hindu unification will now be done more effectively through this website in its new form. This was the confidence expressed by a representative of the website.

 This website will strive for welfare of everyone ! – H. H. Pande Maharaj          

 H. H. Pande Maharaj said during the inauguration ceremony, “Establishment of Hindu Rashtra is necessary for welfare of everyone; for progress of the country; for prosperity of citizens of this country and for destruction of evil tendencies; through undertaking spiritual practice. This website, which has blessings of all Saints, will work for welfare of everyone. Those, who will try to learn from this website, will get its maximum benefit.”

The web site, ‘Sanatan Shop’ facilitates on-line purchase of Sanatan’s holy books not only in Marathi and Hindi but now also in English, from anywhere in India.

 Following are the salient features of the innovative form of the website  

1. Hindus’ problems and their solution

2. Hindu ‘vaartaa (news)’ and international happenings

3. Hindu unification for establishment of Hindu Rashtra

4. Activities of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

5. Glorious history of Hindus 


Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat