HMSA Condemn Detention of Baba Ramdev at London Airport


Hindu Mahasabha of America aka Hindu Congress of America (HMSA) condemn detention at London Airport. Baba Ramdev—a prominent Hindu seer with Billion + followers worldwide was held in detention at London Heathrow Airport for no notable reason.

For more than eight hours as per Baba Ramdev.  He was quizzed for Sanskrit literature (sacred Hindu texts) etc. for non substantial reasoning. Baba Ramdev in his interview told media that a sort of ‘Red Corner’ notice was issued against him. HMSA condemn such sort of proxy acts of Anti-Hindu  national and international forces who are indulged in such moral less and unethical acts.  The lapsed attitude of Indian foreign ministry in providing immediate assistance to Baba Ramdev is depressing.

Ironically in past when Shahrukh Khan (an actor from India) was detained at a U.S. Airport, entire Indian polity jumped into action, there were faxes, e-mails and phones from M.P.s to ministers and no stone was unturned for his immediate release. The biasedness and ignorance of current Indian polity has reached a new low in its moral code of conduct. There is a serious dearth in vision and far sight of current Indian leadership towards safeguarding dignity of Hindus. Now instead of direct confrontation such anti-Hindu forces are leveraging international agencies as proxies to weaken efforts of Hindu leaders towards creating social—religious and political awareness among Hindus.

Baba Ramdev, a sanyasi  has contributed immensely to the growth of Yoga and meditation. He has transformed Yoga from sacred Hindu texts into practical application which has benefitted millions of humans across races and religion in terms of physical, mental and emotional well being. His books, literature, medicines are widely adopted worldwide and are proven (deploy Ayurveda — a Hindu medicinal treatment way with no side affects). He is also a spiritual leader of Billion + Hindus and has conducted Yoga (a path to attain realization (Moksha)). His foundation Patanjali Yogapeeth based at Haridwar (sacred Hindu land) has guided and motivated millions to realize self and attain physical, mental health.  Such mistreatment of a Hindu leader of 1/6 humanity is tragic event.

On one hand Anti Hindu, Anti—India elements are roaming free on fake passports and identities , nationalists and patriotic Hindu leaders from Dharmic, social and political platforms are being harassed at International location. Cheap international conspiracies are being hatched on behalf of  anti-Hindu syndicate and their international associates ( based in European and American regions) to demoralize, defame and weaken Pan Hindu unity movement which is currently underway to reinstate Hindu glory and victory in upcoming general assembly election in 2014. The Anti-Hindu syndicate wants to weaken and shake the Vedic foundation of Bharat (India) by focused targeting of Hindu saints, seers, religious scholars and social activists so that Hindu society looses faith in Hinduism, which  will lead to cultural and social degradation and eventually leading to  political system which fosters Anti Hindu agenda towards developing socio –political  policies. HMSA is deeply concerned of such syndicates and request Indian government and other non governmental think tanks to  provide safety, security and dignity to patriotic and nationalist Hindu leaders in Bharat and Worldwide.

Such ‘Pseudo secular’ Anti Hindu forces should learn from current times and history that the Anti Hindu ideology and associated  institutions which they are appeasing will eventually engulf them in the absentee of nationalist Hindu forces.