HMUN India impact: Ekal Vidyalya ‘The Power of One’

Ekal_Vidyalaya_LogoNew Delhi: Home to the largest population of illiterates in the world, India faces a humongous challenge in its endeavour to meet the UN Millennium Development Goal of ensuring universal primary education.

Given the enormity of the situation, many NGOs and committed individuals are working hand-in-hand with the government to guarantee that children go to schools and get empowered with quality education and life skills.

Shyam Sunder Sriram is one such committed youngster. Though born in the comforts of the West, Shyam is passionate about bringing real change in India’s primary education sector.

As a delegate at the Model United Nations (HMUN) programme being conducted by Harvard University at Hyderabad from 13th Aug 2014, Shyam has nominated ‘Ekal Vidyalaya’, one of the leading NGOs in India that runs schools in tribal villages across the country.

Students from across the world will come together on the HMUN India platform – that will empower and guide them to take on the challenge of building a better world.

As a member of Ekal, Shyam works towards raising awareness about its activities and generate funds required for the massive effort.

Ekal’s impact can be gauged from the fact that it runs over 54,000 schools, providing basic primary education to over 1.5 million children.

Shyam visited one such school located in Amrakhas village in Rajasthan to see for himself the transformation being brought about by Ekal.

The young Ekal activist interacted with teachers and students to understand the challenges faced by them in harnessing their true potential.

Shyam has captured his experiences and shared it on Facebook.

Check out the video to understand ‘The Power of one’ and help create more awareness about the noble cause.

Source: Zee News