“Holy” rock a miracle? Not so fast, says Hindu pundit

Society today has a problem telling the difference between a truth and a lie, and much discernment and wisdom is needed.
This is according to Paramcharya Pundit Hardeo Persad, spiritual head of SWAHA International Incorporated.

Persad’s comment is in reference to the discovery of a stone in Penal,

which some think is shaped like the Hindu god Ganesh.
The rock was discovered last month in an agricultural plantation by
gardener Seepersad Jagmohan. He said since its discovery, persons have been visiting the stone praying a and making offerings of flowers and fruits and the area has become a shrine.

Yesterday Persad said such an appearance in south Trinidad was nothing new and advised persons to be cautious in what they believe.
He said: ” We may wish to call such an occurrence a miracle, but if it is true, then there must be some logical explanation. In fact, miracles are what we are greeted with on a daily basis as dawn sets in.

SWAHA advises that we need to approach this matter with caution and not attribute it to being a miracle. The spiritual deficiency in our society is driving man to seek miracles externally rather than look within. Clearly, this additional focus on Lord Ganesh is an indication that man must take stock of himself. “

Persad said: ” In Hinduism, Lord Ganesh signifies vivek or the power of discrimination. The emphasis on this deity at this time is a sign of caution, one that signals to man to turn inward, to internalize, to use this innate power to distinguish the real from the unreal that is dangled before him. “

He said: “Also, man must use this power and be careful of exploitation that is quite common when news like this spreads. Most certainly, what is clear from all of this is that our society today is barely able to tell truth from untruth and light from darkness. We are in dire need of this discriminative power. “

Source: TrinidadExpress.com