Illegal construction of a mosque stayed due to efforts of devout Hindus at Satara



  • Citizens are aware about illegal construction; but how the Government having all machinery at hand is ignorant about it ? or they ignore it purposely to appease fanatics ? Why do we need such an expensive set-up of the Government ?

  • Congratulations to devout Hindus opposing the illegal construction of a mosque diligently !

Satara (Maharashtra) : Hindus came to know about the illegal construction of a mosque in the Chavdi square at Masur (District Satara). They diligently took the help of local police and made them stay the construction. The atmosphere there was tense for some time due to this incident. (Fanatic jihadis undertake illegal activities and when they are stopped, create tension in the area. There is no alternative to Hindu unity to destroy such overpowering strategy ! – Editor, Dainik Santan Prabhat)

Shivjayanti, Shivpratap Din etc. are celebrated with great enthusiasm every year on behalf of Devout Hindus in Chavdi square. Suddenly some construction activity started in the vacant are in front of the mosque there.

When activists of Shivpratishthan Hindustan inquired about it, they came to know that it was completely illegal. (Hindus, be aware of ‘Land Jihad’ ! Once jihadis do some illegal construction related to a mosque like this, they start riots and at times they even attack police controlling them. Once they acquire the possession of the land, they invite their brethren to stay in that area and try to overpower local Hindus. Today mini-Pakistans like these are being formed throughout the country. Hence there is no alternative to the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra to bring change in this situation ! – Editor, Dainik Santan Prabhat) Devout Hindus in the village have resolved to oppose illegal construction jointly.

Devout Hindus submitted a memorandum with signatures opposing the construction and submitting the agreements of the land where the construction is being carried out, to the Police Inspector. Therefore the police forced the officers in charge of the mosque to stop the illegal construction due to the handing-over of the proof in terms of documents. (Although after confirming the documents, the police from Masur are due for congratulations for satisfying the just demand of the Hindus there ! Will police at all places act like this ? – Editor, Dainik Santan Prabhat)

Mr. Yogesh Kumbhar of Shivpratishthan Hindustan, Mr. Vitthal Aphale of RSS, Mr. Vijay Lohar, Mr. Vishal Jadhav of Dharmaveer Sambhajiraje Pratishthan Hindustan, Mr. Chandrakant Barge, Mr. Naresh Mane, Mr. Nitin Jagdale, Mr. Dhananjay Barge, Mr. Rajaram Barge of Jai Hanuman Ganeshotsav Mandal, so also all devout Hindus have signed the memorandum. They have also expressed their resolve to face any attack in future on Hindu Dharma jointly. (Such devout Hindus should be present everywhere ! – Editor, Dainik Santan Prabhat)

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti