Illegal sale of ‘T-shirts’ and clothes having pictures of Hindu Deities at Anjuna

Panaji – The HJS delegation had presented a memorandum on 11 th December demanding immediately action against the sale of ‘T-shirts’ and clothes having pictures of Hindu Deities to the North Goa Collector Shri. Mihir Vardhan. It also admonished the Collector for allowing the illegal sale of the above said clothes inspite of there being a ban on such sale.

Thereafter, the Collector assured HJS’ delegation that a flying squad will be formed immediately to take action on this type of sales and this issue will be looked into during the meeting of police officers to be held on 11thDecember.  HJS delegation comprised of Shri. Shashikant Sirdesai, Shri. Shushant Dalvi, Mrs. Rajshree Gadekar and Shri. Akshay Parab.

It is stated in the memorandum submitted by HJS that in order to respect the religious sentiments of  Hindus the Goa Government had published an ordinance (No.39/1/MAG-MISC/06/1364) on 24th February 2009
banning the sale of ‘T-shirts’ and clothes having Hindu Deity pictures or ‘OM’. After that an immediate action was taken on the sellers the ‘T-shirts’ having Deity pictures or  ‘OM’ in North Goa and the garments were confiscated; but presently rampant sale of ‘T-shirts’ having Deity pictures is carried on openly in the ‘Flee’ market at Anjuna. Most of the sellers in the ‘Flee’ market have put up for sale ‘T-shirts’,bags, lungis and half-pants having Deity pictures. The sale is going on disregarding the ordinance of the ban published by the Goa Government. Hindus’ religious sentiments are hurt due to the sale of clothes having Deity pictures. Hence
the sale of the ‘T-shirts’ having Deity pictures should be stopped immediately

Source : Dainik sanatan Prabhat