Image of Asia: Getting Ready for Hindu Festivals

857-iwLnq.AuSt.55In this photo by Rajesh Kumar Singh, an artist puts finishing touches on idols of Hindu gods Krishna and elephant-headed Ganesha in Allahabad, India. The idols are in demand ahead of the festivals that celebrate the deities’ birthdays. Ganesha Chaturthi, the 10-day festival that celebrates the birth of Ganesha, begins Aug. 29 and ends with the immersion of Ganesha statues in the Arabian Sea and other water bodies. On Janmashthmi, the birthday of Krishna celebrated on Aug. 18, devotees form human pyramids to break the “Dahi handi,” an earthen pot filled with curd hung high, an enactment of child-god Krishna’s effort to steal butter stored in earthen jars.

Source: abc News