India won’t hold back if Pakistan breaks rules: Army chief

Sending out a strong message to Pakistan over repeated ceasefire violations along the LoC, Army Chief General Bikram on Monday warned the neighbouring country saying India will respond in equal measure if Pakistan breaks any rules. General Singh also revealed that as many as 10 Pakistani soldiers had been killed in a recent military action.

He rejected the perception that Indian military has not retaliated against the beheading of its soldiers by Pakistani troops in 2013.

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“Let me assure you that action has been taken… If I can invite the attention to the Geo TV report on December 23 which talked of their one officer and nine jawans being killed with 12-13 being wounded. This has happened due to firing of your soldiers on ground. They have done their bit,” he said addressing the annual Army Day Press conference in New Delhi.

Gen Singh said it is virtually a “mini war at the local level” whenever ceasefire violation takes place on the LoC.

“The soldiers are doing a stupendous job. The local units are doing a good job. The soldiers have reacted well and they have reacted well as required,” he asserted.

When referred to the repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan on the LoC, the Army Chief said, “It depends, if rules are followed by our neighbours, we follow the rules. If rules are broken, then obviously we cannot stick to the rules. Even we are going to break the rules.”

At the same time, he said that through retaliation, the “endeavour is not to escalate the situation into operational or strategic arena. It is to deal with the same measure if not more and give a befitting response in a professional manner at place where we are fired upon.”

General Singh was asked about to comment on the notion among common people that though he had promised retaliation after the beheading of its soldiers in Mendhar sector, no action has so far been taken.

Source: Niti Central